1 day detox menu: example and efficiency

Too many gaps in the week or a weekend too festive ? A detox day will help to put the body in the right direction, provided of course to choose what is on the menu.

Examples of express detox menu
Breakfast :

1 lemon squeezed diluted in lukewarm water and drunk on an empty stomach : ideal to remineralize the body, diuretic and alkalizing
Midi (options):

Cold soup with cucumber , tomato, garlic and fresh herbs
Vegan and raw salad with seeds, spinach leaves, fennel and oleaginous
Apple smoothie, ginger, banana, lemon juice and chia seeds
Dinner (unless you do not eat at k2 slim keto night, which is a possibility):

Plate of crisp seasonal vegetables with vegetable sauce with soy yoghurt or cider vinegar
Vitamin soup
Vegan and raw salad with seeds, spinach leaves, fennel and oleaginous
In case :

Raw apples
Small handful of almonds
Ginger detox juice
This type of one-day cure is not a diet, but rather will help the liver recover from excess alcohol, food or sugar. We favor fresh and raw fruits and vegetables (organic and preferably with skin), vegetable food (no animal products) … and especially we hydrate well with water, herbal tea and tea All day long !

The benefits of this 1-day detox menu for the body
These foods are certainly slimming and anti cellulite ingredients, but they bring many other virtues. A colon that works better, a transit found from the morning juice, a better sleep thanks to a light and healthy diet at night … we can add the fact that a detox of this type makes it possible to attack the fats stored in the body . By adding a lot of water, a little sport and a better sleep, the effects will be quickly noticeable on the silhouette … for her as for him, by the way!

Finally, even without excess, this type of healthy eating approach should be added regularly in our diaries. If you stick to the next day, or even a 3rd, it is even possible to lose weight without difficulty.

How to succeed his express detox?
Ideally, it is better to go to bed early the day before, to get up in good shape and ready to receive the benefits of the detox menus .

Then, for starters, no need to add to the difficulties: favoring easy, quick recipes or simply raw ingredients or mixing will make the process much more fluid than if you have to embark on preparations that require a lot of equipment or a moderate level of experience in cooking. There are free resources to start.

If weight loss is also an objective, it will be advisable to limit the intake of lipids (nuts, oils, etc.) during this period and to prolong the detox of a few days, while remaining attentive to the reactions of its body.

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