10 exercises to tone your abs

Do you dream of finding a flat stomach ? In addition to paying attention to your diet, it is essential to perform targeted weight training exercises or sheathing.

Every other day, take the time to draw a slimmer body. Follow the guide !

Exercise 1: The bike abs
Stand on the floor, lie on your back. slimquick keto Do not dig it . Put your hands behind the ears and stretch your legs, slightly raised from the ground. Then bend one leg and bring it back to the chest. At the same time, try to touch the knee with the opposite elbow.

Alternate the movement by folding left leg and right leg. Obliques are thus solicited.

Exercise 2: Legged leg crunches
Stand on your back, your neck relaxed, your hands behind your ears and your shoulders slightly off, by the force of your abs . The legs are vertical and you have to perform scissor movements, gently. Blow well while being careful not to dig your back.

Exercise 3: Crunch with rotation
Stand on your back with your legs crossed (the right ankle comes to rest against the front of the left thigh). Lift the bust while bringing one shoulder to the opposite knee, rotating.

Exercise 4: The board
To tone the whole body, nothing like this exercise of cladding . Stand on your hands and tiptoes, as if you were going to make pumps. Hold for at least 30 seconds while contracting the glutes and abs.

Exercise 5: The Mountain Climber
Position yourself in the same position as for the board exercise only , instead of remaining static, then you will have to rotate the knee to your chest without rotating the pelvis, then the other, at a rate of first slow and then more sustained, as and when sessions.

Exercise 6: The roll-over
Lie on a floor mat on your stomach. Tighten your legs and lift them up. Extend your arms forward, off the ground. Lift your arms and legs off the ground as if you were pulling a thread from the ceiling and by the strength of the abs, swing to the side to get on your back.

Once on your back, bend your legs to your chest while raising your bust. Go back down and then switch back to your stomach.

Exercise 7: Balanced bust records
Sit down and take off your feet. Lower your bust and go up, without placing your feet on the ground.

Exercise 8: Basin Surveys
Stand on your back, legs straight up. Put your hands under the buttocks and raise your legs, lifting the pelvis slightly.

Exercise 9: The rotations of the bust
Place yourself on your knees, your back straight, arms outstretched on each side of the body. Turn the top of the bust on the right side while directing the right hand to the left heel, without touching it. Bring the upper body to the initial position with the strength of the abs and start again on the other side.

Exercise 10: The vaccum
Lie on your back. Exhale to empty the air from your lungs and get your stomach back. Hold the position for as long as possible by breathing gently.

Even without material (elastic or machine), it is quite possible to tone his abs. Daily exercises at home are the key to your success.

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