1 day detox menu: example and efficiency

Too many gaps in the week or a weekend too festive ? A detox day will help to put the body in the right direction, provided of course to choose what is on the menu.

Examples of express detox menu
Breakfast :

1 lemon squeezed diluted in lukewarm water and drunk on an empty stomach : ideal to remineralize the body, diuretic and alkalizing
Midi (options):

Cold soup with cucumber , tomato, garlic and fresh herbs
Vegan and raw salad with seeds, spinach leaves, fennel and oleaginous
Apple smoothie, ginger, banana, lemon juice and chia seeds
Dinner (unless you do not eat at k2 slim keto night, which is a possibility):

Plate of crisp seasonal vegetables with vegetable sauce with soy yoghurt or cider vinegar
Vitamin soup
Vegan and raw salad with seeds, spinach leaves, fennel and oleaginous
In case :

Raw apples
Small handful of almonds
Ginger detox juice
This type of one-day cure is not a diet, but rather will help the liver recover from excess alcohol, food or sugar. We favor fresh and raw fruits and vegetables (organic and preferably with skin), vegetable food (no animal products) … and especially we hydrate well with water, herbal tea and tea All day long !

The benefits of this 1-day detox menu for the body
These foods are certainly slimming and anti cellulite ingredients, but they bring many other virtues. A colon that works better, a transit found from the morning juice, a better sleep thanks to a light and healthy diet at night … we can add the fact that a detox of this type makes it possible to attack the fats stored in the body . By adding a lot of water, a little sport and a better sleep, the effects will be quickly noticeable on the silhouette … for her as for him, by the way!

Finally, even without excess, this type of healthy eating approach should be added regularly in our diaries. If you stick to the next day, or even a 3rd, it is even possible to lose weight without difficulty.

How to succeed his express detox?
Ideally, it is better to go to bed early the day before, to get up in good shape and ready to receive the benefits of the detox menus .

Then, for starters, no need to add to the difficulties: favoring easy, quick recipes or simply raw ingredients or mixing will make the process much more fluid than if you have to embark on preparations that require a lot of equipment or a moderate level of experience in cooking. There are free resources to start.

If weight loss is also an objective, it will be advisable to limit the intake of lipids (nuts, oils, etc.) during this period and to prolong the detox of a few days, while remaining attentive to the reactions of its body.

How to lose 3 pounds at menopause?

Menopause induces hormonal upheavals that often lead to weight gain, among other things, such as hot flashes and digestive problems related to the liver . It is not inevitable if you impose on yourself some rules of healthy life.

Lose weight sustainably with a good diet
The idea is not to go on a diet against calories . It must certainly reduce them to lose fat : it does not natura farms keto lose weight without depriving a little . But at age 50, you risk losing muscle and bone, which also means increasing the danger to osteoporosis.

In this respect, women are much more exposed than men. Aim for weight loss over time that will not affect your health.

Keys to a good diet
It is very important to satisfy your hunger but, if you are used to eating large plates, it will of course reduce the doses, because the body spends less on aging. An essential: Drink a lot, especially if you suffer from water retention . Find the indispensable proteins in white meat and fish, and in a nice portion of dairy products a day.

Do not forget starchy foods for energy (pasta, rice …). Keep a limited proportion of good fats (oils, butters …) and hunt for industrial products.

An adapted sports program
Scientific studies have shown that one hour of physical activity per day significantly reduces weight gain after menopause. A half-hour daily or three one-hour sessions a week would be a challenge.

Choose from endurance exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, walking. Do not force, but persist. The sport is a natural analgesic, it is a real remedy against the symptoms and pains of the menopause .

Who knows, you may end up reaching and even enjoying this daily time of sport, and be rewarded by the flat stomach that you no longer hoped for ten years ago?

Lose weight after 50 years is not natura farms keto walmart easy. It involves a healthy lifestyle that may have never been your way. But once you get the crease, you will see the effects naturally . It’s never too late to do it!

Cohen menu at 1000 kcal

After the comfort phase, it is now in the booster phase of Dr. Cohen that we attack, with a total of 1000 kcal not to exceed , and this for two weeks!

We remind you that the principle of Cohen diet is to reduce the amount of calories consumed over a period of 20 weeks , through different phases of purpose.

Thus, the body burns fat faster. And so that it works and do not lose you in these different stages , we natura farms keto offer menus to 1000 calories , to vary the pleasures and not to have the craving!

Simple and easy menus to 1000 kcal
Breakfast n ° 1
1 unsweetened coffee
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat
1 slice of rye bread
1 thin slice of chicken ham
1 bowl of strawberries (no added sugar)
Breakfast n ° 2
1 unsweetened tea
2 complete rusks
100 g light cream cheese
1 tomato
Breakfast n ° 3
1 unsweetened infusion
1 slice of wholemeal bread
1 boiled egg
1 fruit salad, mixed with 100 grams of 0% MG white cheese
Lunch n ° 1
2 cutlets of escalope, pan-fried and fat-free
1 small portion of spinach lasagna
2 apricots
Lunch n ° 2
1 grilled bar block
100 grams of mashed potatoes with thermomix (made with skim milk + 5 grams of butter)
1 plate of green beans
1 nectarine
Lunch n ° 3
1 salad with raw vegetables
3 sardines in foil
1 small portion of gratin with broccoli
2 plums
Dinner n ° 1
1 bowl of cheese cucumbers 0% fat
1 cup of zucchini soup with thermomix
1 fishing
Dinner n ° 2
1 salad of raw vegetables
1 plate of scrambled eggs
1 pear
Dinner n ° 3
2 slices of turkey ham
1 plate of a mix of green vegetables
1 bowl of red fruits, mixed with 100 grams of white cheese at 0% fat
Before continuing with your diet, you are advised to seek the advice of a nutritionist , to see if your physical ability allows you to continue your diet or not . Thus, you avoid being affected by adverse effects and preserve your health.

Special sport program abs

You want to have beautiful abs before going on vacation . You do activities but you can not have a palpable result. You are looking for an effective and easy program to do. Here are some tips that may help you.

How to build the abdominals?
It is quite possible to do an abs work without using specific equipment and this, staying at home. It is important to note that a single abdominal exercise is not enough, you have to vary it according to the different muscles .

To have beautiful chocolate bars, There are 3 main parts to solicit :

– The big right- The little oblique- The big oblique

Several programs can contribute to the strengthening of the muscles in these different parts but the most practiced are:

– The crunch: the starting position bio x keto of the crunch is back lying on the floor . It varies after depending on the parts involved and the desired intensity. In general, it is the muscle of the right and the upper parts that work during the crunch.

– Sheathing or called board: sheathing is an excellent fitness exercise . It consists of holding a position (board) defined during a specified period. Sheathing is mostly working the deep muscles. It is more practical to do it after a sport or other exercise, when the muscles are already heated.

– Torsion: the torsion consists of strengthening the lateral muscles. The torsion exercise must be performed on both sides for good symmetry, for example, once on the right, once on the left.

Note that the different exercises that we propose can be practiced by both men and women. Doing a circuit made up of these three exercises can give you great results .

Sample circuit
– Classic Crunch: with the back extended, the arms behind the neck, back up 10 times if you are still beginner, 20 if you have an intermediate level and 30 if you are already used.

– Sheathing: put on the pump position, elbow on the ground. Be very stiff (position of the board) belly contracted without arching. Hold for 30 seconds and increase each time. You can also alternate palms and elbows on the floor.

– Recumbent pelvis twist: Lie on the floor, hands facing back holding a colleague’s feet. Raise your feet towards him so that he can catch them and throw them to the sides. Reassemble them again 10, 20 or 30 times depending on your level.

Between the different exercises, take a short break, drink water if necessary . For it to really work, you have to have a healthy lifestyle . Rest, have a good diet (especially protein), drink plenty of water and especially be patient and perseverant.

The tips of models to lose weight

We all dream of having a beautiful figure and often envy the models for the thinness of their bodies. They follow a very strict diet and intensive sports sessions to keep a perfect pace. What advice do they give us to lose weight and maintain its shape?

To lose weight, start controlling your diet
Models feed largely on organic fruits and vegetables and avoid processed food. Vegetables are low in calories , rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are very super s keto effective for a healthy and balanced diet and if you consume enough, you will be able to lose weight.

You will need to focus on lean proteins that will help you support weight loss and manage appetite (legumes, poultry, eggs, lean beef, low-fat dairy products, seafood, pork, tofu …).

Many celebrity diets are made up of very low carbohydrate intakes, which is a good thing since studies have shown that diets low in carbohydrates allow you to lose weight faster . You must absolutely avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water (between one and a half liters and two liters a day).

Sport must become your greatest ally
One of the biggest secrets of top models to lose extra pounds is the practice of regular physical activity . Start walking every day for as long as possible.

Follow, if possible with a sports coach , a rigorous program consisting of many exercises, especially in the mornings. The race, the elliptical trainer, swimming, dancing, yoga, pumps and abs will help you a lot.

How to maintain one’s shape?
To maintain weight loss over the long term, top models advise us to proceed smoothly. If you lose weight suddenly and quickly, you can easily recover the lost pounds . So try to lose between half a kilo and a kilo a week.

On the other hand, too much frustration could make you crack : your diet should not stop you from taking your favorite meals; it is rather to consume them with great moderation. Finally, when dieting, it is important to know how to manage stress , which leads far too often to dive into bad eating habits.

Want to have a body as well maintained as that of the models? Do as they do, following the tips and tricks we deliver here. However, be patient with yourself, and if you have any problems with your diet, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

What dietary supplements to promote muscle recovery?

Sports activity always rhymes with healthy and balanced diet! For a good recovery after physical training, you need dietary supplements to help your body develop and adapt to workouts. Amino acids, antioxidants, carbohydrates, beverages for recovery are examples.

What food supplements for muscle recovery?
Your body needs a certain recovery time after physical efforts , and to help it as well as possible, we recommend the following dietary supplements:

The ‘re BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids play an important role in a feeding program for athletes. They are found in meat, milk, cheese, and they are essential for the muscles as they help to maintain and grow them.
Glutamine is an amino acid pure bhb keto produced by the body in large quantities , but because of the intensity of some training, the body claims more to speed up the recovery process. It must be taken regularly during the day.
You will also need antioxidants whose mission is to protect the body from the negative effects of free radicals (inflammation and muscle aches).
The WHEY protein is particularly important because of its ability to be rapidly absorbed and digested by the body and the fact that it contains more essential amino acids than other sources of protein.
Carbohydrates prevent muscle catabolism , improve recovery and stimulate muscle growth.
The benefits of dietary supplements
The practice of physical exercises involves an expenditure of glycogen sources, the use of amino acids present in the muscle , the elimination of water and mineral salts. Strengthening recovery processes can improve your performance and help you achieve your goals. Amino acids, for example, help protein synthesis, build cells, repair tissue, create antibodies, and are essential for recovering fitness after exercise.

What effects on the body?
When certain dietary supplements are overdosed, they can become more toxic than beneficial . It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking it to be reassured on how to use them.

If you regularly engage in intense physical activity , make dietary supplements listed here your allies to promote optimal recovery . Be careful not to abuse it, but also to allow yourself enough rest between your workouts.

9 fake slimming foods

Some foods, which have the reputation of being lightened or labeled light on the shelves of stores, are not in fact at all! These are fake friends for diets because contrary to what is believed, they are not ideal for keeping the line or getting weight loss .

Here is a list of 9 fake slimming foods with some tips to integrate them all the same in your diet.

1. The lawyer
Avocado seems to be an ingredient of choice to incorporate into light salads and is recommended by many nutritionists . But it is much richer in fat than other vegetables (although they are good unsaturated vegetable fats, excellent for the heart). Half of a small avocado has 138 kcal and 14 g of fat (the equivalent of 1.5 tablespoons of oil) .

It is certainly a food to consume in a slimming diet (because of its high fiber content and its great power of satiety) but with a certain moderation. You will only take half of an avocado as a starter or cut into a salad 2 to 3 times a week . And pay attention to its accompaniment because the mayonnaise is to be avoided !

2. Vegetable chips
Vegetable chips seem more reasonable to consume than potato chips, and yet you must be careful not to eat too much because dietetically, it is still frying.

Indeed, cooked also in oil, they are just as fat and as caloric as the usual chips .

The best thing is to make them yourself (to avoid industrial products) with zucchini, beets, sweet potatoes or other vegetables at your convenience. To do this, cut the vegetables into very thin slices and lightly brush them with olive oil to bake for 45 minutes at 180 ° C.

3. Dairy products at 0%
A classic natural yoghurt contains only 1% of fat so that the 0% does not bring much more nutritional level.

And be careful if it is fruit, yoghurt at 0% can be so sweet and much more caloric than a traditional yoghurt.Il should not eat more than 2 or 3 per day and check that they are well reduced in sugars and fat.

The ideal is to choose a bodyfit keto cheese with 20% fat (much more tasty) and to add some real pieces of cut fruit. And be careful, do not choose a white cheese with 40% fat because it is too fat for a diet.

4. Salmon
Very famous for its omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and cardiovascular health, we say that it is better to eat salmon than meat. However, this is not always the case because salmon is one of the fatter fish and is even more caloric and fatter than some white meats and a ground beef with 5% fat.

When dieting, you must cook it with steam or foil and do not accompany it with butter sauce. You will also make sure to alternate with hake and cod which are much less rich in calories.

5. The cherries
Gourmands tend to eat it by handfuls because it is a fruit. But cherries contain 15 to 20% of sugars and are much more caloric and sweet than other red fruits (raspberries or strawberries for example). You can therefore eat to reload antioxidants but limit yourself to 15 cherries for dessert (equivalent to 70 kcal).

6. Light biscuits
Always check their composition, because often less rich in sugars , they are very fat. Above 10 g of fat per 100 g, these cakes are not at all dietary.

Remember that a biscuit stuffed with hazelnuts or chocolate , even if it is light, will always be more caloric than a fruit tray or a biscuit dry. You must eat only 2 or 3 maximum per snack, but the best is to focus on real tasty cakes and eat less.

7. Diet cereals
Only 10% less caloric than conventional cereals of the same type, diet cereals are a little less sweet but not less rich in fat , on the contrary. You should eat a small bowl of 40 grams with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk (which will bring you 35 to 50 kcal against 65 with whole milk).

You should know that the most interesting cereals for breakfast are the most complete and basic, and with a low glycemic index (such as oat bran, oat flakes or whole wheat petals). Mueslis by cons (composed of chocolate chips or dried fruit) are rather caloric and fat.

8. Smoothies
Appearing as a healthy snack because prepared with fruit, smoothies require a large amount of fruit to get a drink and finally prove very rich in sugars . Industrial smoothies even contain added sugars; it is better to eat an apple for the diet.

However you can enjoy a drink from time to time (as a snack or breakfast) but not every day. Be aware that a good diet smoothie recipe is made with raspberries, currants and melon.

9. Soft drinks
Light sodas are not fattening directly since they are zero calories and zero sugar . But their sweeteners (with very strong sweetening power) do not disabuse the taste of sugar and do not help to control the intake of sugar in its diet.

So you can consume a glass of light soda to replace a glass of alcohol during an appetizer for example, but you should not drink constantly .

In conclusion, the effects of certain foods, yet recognized as light, light or dietetically recommended, are rather disappointing on weight loss. This comes from the fact that there are several fake slimming foods, that you know now, that taken too much or poorly accompanied, completely prevent to keep the line.

So it’s up to you to eat them right and when you need them, in combination with a healthy and balanced diet and a little physical activity, for the success of your diet and effective and lasting weight loss.

Top best proteins to increase muscle mass

The proteins are fundamental for all those people who want to increase their muscle mass , since they are the main component of the muscles and their consumption helps the muscular myofibrils in their recovery as well as in the growth of them, helping to replenish small tears and generating development of muscle mass.

Classification of the main sources of proteins to increase muscle mass.
The proteins are vital for the health of the muscles, however there are different types of protein and in this way also their quality varies, likewise, the more exercises you do with the objective of increasing your muscle mass; in fact some experts say that those people who perform strength-based workouts, should consume from 1 to 2 gr. Of protein per kilogram of weight.

Sources of protein

Apart from water, protein is the substance that most prevails in the body, occupying 60 to 70 percent of the human body. The proteins are made of amino acids, which help us gain muscle mass.

Apparently the human body decomposes more than 20 amino acids, some of the amino acids that the body can not produce, are considered essential, which are also testex 100 called as complete proteins.

Proteins to increase muscle mass. Essential proteins .
The essential proteins can be found in foods such as:

• Fish

• Chicken

• Meat

• Eggs

• Other animal sources

The proteins known as incomplete are those that lack all the essential amino acids. Among the foods that we can find in this group, we highlight:

• Vegetables

• Fruits

• Nuts

• Seeds

• Grains

• Beans

Proteins to increase muscle mass . Soy proteins.

This protein is derived from soybeans, which is considered a complete source of protein because it supplies all the essential amino acids. However, some research reveals that there are potential problems in the consumption of soy proteins to gain muscle mass.

What happens is the phytoestrogens found in soy protein lower testosterone levels while increasing estrogen levels. This hypothesis is still under study, however there are other sources of protein to increase muscle mass.

Proteins to increase muscle mass . Whey protein

One of the fundamental factors that must be taken into account by all people who wish to ingest proteins in order to increase muscle mass, is that these proteins must have a high rate of absorption in the body.

Whey protein can be found in milk, which is a source of rapidly absorbed protein. This way your body will begin to absorb the whey protein almost immediately, since it takes less than 1 hour for your body to absorb all its amino acids immediately.

For the reasons we have previously revealed, it is possible to substantially increase the synthesis of whey protein in the muscles if it is consumed after exercise helping to achieve a much faster recovery.

Another benefit of the consumption of whey protein is that it helps regulate body weight helping to increase muscle mass. Great, no!

Proteins to increase muscle mass. Casein protein

Unlike the effects produced by whey protein, casein is a protein that acts slowly in the body, it can take up to 3 hours to be completely absorbed by the body, after being ingested. However this can also be a quality, we will tell you why.

Muscles need a long-term food source that works its effects throughout the day, in fact it is shown that vitamin supplements that are made through the combination of both whey protein and casein, are the most effective they result for muscle development.

In fact, this pair of proteins, together, make the perfect complement, due to their absorption rates so contradictory.

Final comments.

In addition to consuming the right type of protein to achieve effective muscle development, it is also important the time of day in which these supplements are ingested. For example, it is scientifically proven that the intake of these after a routine exercise is essential for them to take effect, as well as after the completion of a strenuous activity.

Top 4 exercises to increase glutes quickly

Your butt is made up of fat and muscle and you can change its shape by increasing or decreasing the proportion of each of these components. If you want to increase buttocks to have a bigger but better shaped butt, you have to have a good ratio of fat and muscle – the muscle is to keep your butt big and lift it at the same time, and the fat to give it roundness and smoothness. Below I give you an exercise routine aimed at helping you achieve the results you want with your glutes.

Squats, the best exercise to increase glutes
Squats are the best set of exercises to increase buttocks that may exist. It can be done only with the body weight, or with free weights in case you need to build more muscle in the buttocks. To do it correctly Stand with your feet a little wider than the proflex muscle width of your shoulders. Keep the spine straight and the shoulders back. Slowly bend your knees and push your hips back and down, as if you were sitting in a chair. Shift the weight of the body towards the heels and descend until your hips are at the level of the knees. Bring your arms over your head or in front of you, unless you are holding weights or dumbbells. Contract the muscles of the legs and push back until you are standing but not completely involving the knees.

Increase gluteus with the deadlift
This exercise will help you increase muscle mass in the buttocksto make them look bigger. Use a moderate to strong bar, depending on your fitness level. Place the bar on the floor in front of you. Stand with your feet a little wider than your hips, apart with the tips of your feet under the bar. Squat and grab the bar with your hands with a grip a little wider than the width of your feet. Keep your shoulders back and relaxed away from your ears during this exercise and keep your posture open, upright through your torso – Do not round your back. Keep the muscles around the spine and abdomen contracted. Maintaining this position, straighten through the knees and hips standing with arms outstretched with the bar in the pelvis. Lower the bar by moving the hips back and bending the knees. Do not let your hips rise above the knees. Keep the contraction of the abdomen and back and keep the torso open. Lightly touch the floor with the bar and raise it again. Do three sets of 10 to 20 reps, depending on how heavy the bar is. If you are experienced you can add weight to the bar, always trying that the weight you add allows you to perform the corresponding repetitions.

Kicks with elastic band
One of the exercises that is most used in the gym to increase buttocks is that of kicking with a band. Use an elastic exercise band for this exercise to the best of your ability. Attach your elastic band for a low anchor and secure the other end around your right ankle. Stand in front of the anchor point and hold onto a wall to maintain balance. Start standing in a perfectly vertical position. Slowly extend the right leg back as far as possible without arching the lower back. Try to totally contract the gluteal muscles – the cheek muscles of your butt. Go back to the starting position. Perform 15 to 25 repetitions, depending on the resistance level of the band. Change your leg Do three sets with each leg.


This is a good exercise for buttock augmentationif you do not have any gym equipment. You can make it easy or difficult depending on your level of fitness. Lie on your back on a mat and bend both knees, placing your feet on the ground reduces the distance that separates them. Keep your arms at your sides with your palms face down on the mat. Contract the muscles of the legs and buttocks, press the feet on the mat and lift the back of the floor. Stay in this position as long as you can by contracting and squeezing the gluteal muscles. You can make this exercise more difficult by lifting one leg off the stretcher and extending it in a straight line. Keep the leg raised for 10 seconds to return it to the previous position and change sides. Do three to five series of this exercise.

exercise routine for the buttocks

It is important that to increase muscle mass and even more to increase buttocks it is necessary to perform this exercise routine for glutes at least once a week, monitor your diet, consuming quality protein and not exceed the consumption of junk food.

These muscles are not only work

To gain muscle mass you have to work, but this man did more than just work, he had to overcome the physical disability with which he was born.

Usually people have many excuses to go to the gym , they hate the idea of ​​making an effort, but they ignore the welfare they are putting off for their life.

Going to the gym is a great commitment to your physical and emotional health, muscles need work not only to perform better, but also to make our health better. Those who go to the gym to gain muscle mass have to overcome many challenges, pains and a lot of work, but in the end it is worth it, because it achieves a quality of life very different from that of most people.

Going to the gym is a big commitment
But most have excuses, those excuses are more powerful than the possibility of loving their own body , their own life. If looking for quality of life does not motivate you, maybe after watching this video, change your mind, because really our muscles are not made for sedentary life, but for work.

This athlete is called Luke Ericson , was born without the left arm, but this disability put him in view a great challenge to overcome. He is able to do any activity that a normal person can do, but where he stands out is for his extraordinary strength worked in a gym.

This athlete is called Luke Ericson
For him it is very clear that the muscles need work, and he has dedicated himself to perfecting his routines of plates, dominated, lifting weights and other routines that require strength, dexterity and balance.

For he is very clear
Look at it well, how much could you do exercises with that disability? But in addition, Luke has malformation of the left shoulder and his lung on that side is also limited. He also has type 1 diabetes.

Look good,
Despite these adversities he has dedicated himself to working his muscles to gain strength, coordination snap hero testo and muscle mass. When he is in the gym he undergoes a very hard training, which has earned him the recognition of many people. It is an advertising image of several brands of supplements and participates in events to motivate people to seek a healthier life.

Despite these adversities
Ericson’s message applies to all people and everyday life: Do not let fear and limitations govern what you are trying to achieve in life . Because out there there are a lot of people feeding their excuses, without realizing that they sabotage their progress in life.

Ericson’s message
Man, woman, it does not matter where you are , if your parents abandoned you, if they are bad or they did not give you what you need. What matters is how you REACT before all that. If you are complaining you are opening the way to poverty, if it is with action to be forging your own destiny. Put those muscles to work and everything will change.