Surprising secrets for a flat abdomen

Many people even search for flat abdomens. And everything is because that part of the human body contributes a lot to how we look, our posture, even the beauty of a woman. It’s nice to have a good six-pack, but one of the biggest secrets of perfect abs is diet, something that people find hard to change.

The first time I looked for tips to have a flat stomach, what I liked the most was that it was not only about aesthetics, but about a total lifestyle change. That’s if you want to keep your six-pack for a long time, because if it’s only a period on the beach, I think it’s very superficial and we’re not going to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

Surprising secrets for a flat abdomen
Who does not know how to do an abdominal, but if you have no habit, can be painful, and this is when you give importance to some tricks so that it is not so painful and tedious to develop this part of the body. For example:

1.- It is not necessary that you train every day
Among the first secrets for a flat abdomen in a newbie is learning to correctly execute the exercises. z vital male enhancement You should limit abdominal training to basic movements. Do not put your hands on the nape of the neck, keep near or on the sides of the head or cross on the chest. The neck should be straight in line with the trunk.

And you do not even have to start doing crunches, if you do not have at least a little muscle development from that part of your body. Start by making a bridge, watch the video.

You can start supporting yourself on the knees. This is a good secret to develop your abs without much pain. You can also make the bridge in reverse. By just holding horizontal for a few minutes your abdominal muscles begin to strengthen, then make a common abdominal and current will be easier.

And you have to do it every day, but I recommend that you do a program, so that it is regular. If you do every day or you exceed, you will only get pains or injuries that will make you abandon the exercises and good form. 3-4 times a week and 10-20 minutes is more than enough, warming up before and combining with a bit of cardio.

2.- The exercises are not enough to show off a good six-pack
This is one of the curiosities that surprised me the most when I started doing sit-ups since after several months nothing happened in the mirror. I consulted with a trainer and he told me that he had three problems to solve:

– My excess fat
– I did not do cardio to burn fat
– I did not change my diet to accumulate less fat

Being aware of these tricks I got into action and guess, began to notice my abs and as the weeks went by they looked more beautiful, even my smile improved.

3.- Abdominals superiors and inferiors, it does not exist
Whenever the secrets for a flat abdomen are mentioned, the “upper and lower abdominals” are mentioned, but the truth is that the abdominal muscle is only one, anatomically there is no upper and lower abdominal muscle.

The issue is technical when choosing a type of exercise. There are adequate exercises to make the upper or lower part of the abdominal muscle work, but we will never be able to isolate the lower or upper abdominal, because they are not separate muscles, it is only one.

4.- Doing many abdominals does not mean that we will lower our tummy

3 Do many crunches
The question would be: How much fat do you have around the middle part of your body? If it is long or regular, the abdominals will not serve to make your average fat disappear. You have to do a lot of cardio, weights and, above all, change your diet.

Abdominal exercises are not enough for a thin waist. A routine of strengthening exercises do not achieve a slim waistline. To show marked abs, it is necessary to train all the major muscle groups, do cardio and follow a healthy diet.

5.- If you want stronger abdominals, strengthen your back
The abdominal area is not a single muscle. Usually we talk about the six-pack, which is the recto-abdominal, but in total there are 4:

– Abdominal rectus : Allows the ribs to approach the pelvis (simulating an accordion) and the pelvis towards the thorax.
– Obliques (internal and external) : They help the torso flexion, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine.
– Transverse : It contracts and tightens the abdominal wall and compresses the viscera.

Is it good to train on an empty stomach? All you need to know

Training on an empty stomach is not that it is bad but it is not considered totally good, according to science this action causes oxidation in the lipids, but it is something that is not completely proven, the training in an intense way will not work in this case to burn or increase fat, on the contrary fasting training maintains weight and improves insulin sensitivity.

The body does not react the same in all people, for some it may be favorable to train on an empty stomach and for others it can be a big mistake, sometimes it is considered that having breakfast, even if it is little, does not provoke any negative reaction when training, on the contrary breakfast at large amount and training at one time can cause discomfort in your body.

When training on an empty stomach, care must be taken not to exceed the limits of intensity, since muscle glycogen is only used by muscle fibers when these limits are exceeded, and this is stored in organs of the body such as the liver, which keeps the values ​​of sugar stable, the other organs are the kidneys among others, we must know how to train and then not present any complications in the future that may be counterproductive to your body and your health.

Benefits of fasting training

Long-term athletes tend to burn fat in these workouts.
The train fasting causes that provide reserve hydrates quickly.
You can define muscle mass, with good training.
It causes the decrease of muscle fat.
A prolonged fasting for 12 hours blocks tissue growth, that is, eliminates the ability to develop more muscle mass.
The exercise fasting may not have many benefits like any other workout at any time of the day, the benefits also vary according to the person and your body take it or suits, so that these benefits are provided without setbacks, you must have a good diet after a workout.

When we talk about food, it does not mean to exceed the consumption of fat, but without consuming healthy foods in a moderate way. When you have time to train fasting, the body is accustomed to not consume large amounts of food or simply nothing before training, in the same way that you get used to the intensity with which you train.

How to perform a fasting training.
It is necessary to perform cardio in a moderate way, not as intensely as is usual to do it during the day, since it is not possible to maintain a good effect on the oxidation of fat.
Any training that is done in fasting should be moderately, since the body has not consumed any food and therefore has no food in your body that provides strength or resistance during your training.
If you analyze well the information sizevital male enhancement that you have just read, you can realize that it generates some metabolic benefits over the exercise, but you should not increase too much intensity when training in fasting , since it does not produce greater advantages, neither is it encouraged the oxidation of lipids. Fasting training is considered to be performed by more trained athletes with greater resistance.

Some training without breakfast was not considered healthy, although now some nutritionists or personal trainers recommend it so much that it is now known as intermittent fasting. Its benefits are higher in athletes and cyclists, when gaining muscle mass, training also has to go hand in hand with a nutritionist but not anyone, if not one who has knowledge in sports, in the same way that you practice them.

nti cellulite massage with a glass: effective?

Cellulite is an aesthetic evil that affects a large proportion of women. It corresponds to a storage of fat in the adipose tissue which gives an appearance of orange peel thus creating a certain aesthetic discomfort .

To overcome this, many tips are proposed. The one we will discuss is anti cellulite massage with a glass. If its name may seem surprising, this method can be very effective in eliminating poorly stored fat and allow you to find a firm and pleasant skin.

Benefits and effectiveness of anti cellulite massage
Fading dimples is the main goal of this operation. For this, the suction effect created facilitates lymphatic and venous circulation . From this call of air, results a draining effect dx lean diet forskolin which makes it possible to eliminate the fats and the toxins of the lymphatic system. The benefits continue to be felt hours after the session.

To see the results very quickly, schedule five-minute sessions every day for up to three weeks . In all cases, a certain mastery of the actions to be performed is recommended. Indeed, a poor grip can be the cause of bruises, varicose veins and intense pain.

A good anti-cellulite massage with a drink can help you regain full self-confidence.

In addition to the sessions described above, the slimming tips to prevent a return of orange peels remain the same: adopt a good diet and regular physical activity . You now know how to do it!

How to do ?
This is a method that is similar to that of the suction cup and reproduces the gestures of rolling palpate and aspiration. Indeed, the process consists of placing the object on the surface of the skin so as to trap the skin underneath . It must then slide in a circular motion on the area of ​​the body to be treated. To facilitate the action, it is recommended to apply a suitable oil in advance .

The gesture to be made here depends on the area to be treated. Thus, for the belly, the movements must go from the inside to the outside leaving the navel, then circular, and finally diagonally, in the area of ​​the handles of love.

To dislodge the dimples from the arms, it is necessary to start in a straight line, to pass in circles then in zigzag , all, from the top to the bottom.

As for the thighs and buttocks, the trick is to zigzag movements up and down, then from the inside to the outside, before making circular movements with the glass.

What massages against cellulite hips?

The breeches of horse, it is the nightmare of all the women . Regular sports activity would be effective in eliminating it. But for busy women who do not have enough time to be tired by an intense sport, this could be difficult to achieve, hence the interest of a slimming message against cellulite hips.

The most effective massages for the hips
Palpate-rolling is the best known and most effective massage against cellulite hips . To achieve it, you must catch the greasy mass and pinch it between your thumb and forefinger. Overnight Lean Keto Then, it will roll this pile under the fingers from top to bottom. This anti-cellulite massage techniquemay be painful at first sight, but the effects are remarkably satisfying.

Taps are also excellent against fat hips. This massage is very simple to perform. It is enough to close the fists then to hammer the zone targeted by soft, light and regular shots .

How often do massages
The ideal frequency is to space them two days , the time to give the muscles a little rest so as not to tire them too much. If you perform the movements yourself, your hands could quickly tire you and a day off between each session will do you only good. The results of the massages are observable after at least 10 sessions .

Moreover, the results also depend on a well-controlled technique. You do not have to be discouraged if your massages take longer.

The benefits of massage against cellulite hips
Anti-cellulite massages are very effective . Unlike other slimming techniques, this is a method that targets a particular area of ​​the body. Just apply a good massage at the hips to eliminate the fat stored there. The kneading and fumbling applied will have the effect of restoring the flexibility of the muscles by eliminating little by little all the cellulite they contain.

Other tips against cellulite hips
How to eliminate all the fat at the hips? Practice slimming massages. The movements can be painful. We strongly advise you to call in professionals . Make an appointment with specialists, they will have the competence, the experience and especially the good technique to help you find your silhouette of yesteryear .

Also, do not forget to take care of your diet. Food that is too high in calories could still increase the amount of cellulite you have in your body. Choose a light meal that will Overnight Lean Keto REVIEWS optimize the results of your messages. There are different types of anti-cellulite massages with highly remarkable benefits.

However, remember that the results are observable in the long term , you will need a little more time to find slender hips.

Can we take steroids for mass gain?

Steroid consumption can increase muscle gain and help achieve one’s goal more easily . But this product is not safe.

Mass taking: how to do?
Steroids are not a recommended solution for gaining muscle . Even if the duration is longer and it is more difficult, nothing beats the natural. Watch your diet to reach a number of calories adapted to your needs , choose sports activities such as bodybuilding rather than cardio and be patient!

To obtain a dream musculature, taking steroids may seem like the ideal solution. But these capsules present many risks ! Opt instead for natural methods.

Steroids and sport: how does it work?
There are several types of steroids, but it is the so-called anabolic steroids that are used in bodybuilding . overnight lean keto More and more men, and even women, are turning to this product to get the physique of their dreams.

Anabolic steroids have indeed an important asset: they allow to develop muscle mass very quickly . And this, even without training . Clinical studies have shown that with or without physical activity, a person who consumes this product will gain weight faster and easier than a person who trains regularly without consuming it.

It is therefore the product of ease, the one that boosts the results with a minimum of effort. This explains its success with some athletes and, unfortunately, also with teenagers who see it as a simple method to become muscled without spending hours to follow a program in the room .

Steroids: what side effects?
Before embarking on the purchase of this product, it is necessary to be very vigilant. For starters, many products available on the Internet are not legal and / or contain little information about their composition and side effects . The sale of anabolic steroids is strictly regulated and you must absolutely take as much information as possible before buying such a product.

Among the risks of steroids , there may be mentioned: – Shock anaphylactique- Acné- Agressivité- blood-clotting vasculaire- cardiovascular diseases Diabetes – Hypertension

There are also various health problems impacting the liver, kidneys and prostate. In women, it can also make the voice more serious and increase the hair on the body and face. In case of pregnancy, the risk of congenital abnormalities of the child increases significantly .

Do not hesitate to discuss it with a health professional , he can advise you or follow your steroids to control the side effects.

Steroids: what use?
Steroids are used in many sports , but bodybuilding is probably the most popular. They will especially benefit for people who have already developed muscle and want to boost their progression.

The reduction of the legs in the simulator. We study all the subtleties and secrets.

The reduction of the legs in the simulator. What, why and why?
I don’t know if the guys in the gym noticed, but the girls (as well as theirs / us) have their favorite exercises and rocking machines that are closest to them and, so to speak, like. One of these machines is a simulator for the information (dilution) of the legs, designed to work out the inner / outer side of the thigh. This foot zone is a problem for many women (oops, there were girls, and women have already become, and this is just two lines of scribbling :)) , and therefore, at every convenient opportunity, the fair sex will stick to the corresponding simulator. Right or wrong, we will try to understand further.


For a better mastery of the material, all further narration will be divided into sub-chapters.

Anatomical atlas

The main reason for sticking ladies at the simulator for the information of the legs is that it is designed to tighten the adductors (the area between the legs) , make them more elastic, tough and, as a result, save the woman from various “kissels” in this area. In other words, the inner surface of the thighs (adductors) is an aesthetically important zone of the legs for women, and also for men it is not indifferent to them, and they want to see it in their chosen ones tightened and not hanging.

The anatomical atlas of the muscles involved in the movement is the following picture.

The reduction of the legs in the simulator, the muscles in the work
The driving machine (the so-called simulator for the leg muscles) is primarily aimed at strengthening the RDX Surge three leading muscles – short, long and large leading. Thin, crest and tailor muscles are also activated (the latter goes along the entire length of the thigh) , the muscles of the ilio-tibial tract are tightened.

In general, it should be said that adductor muscles are one of the most relatively large and extended leg muscles – this is a whole complex of muscles deep in the inner thigh and groin. They are hard to grope, because they are “buried” alive under other muscles, for example, the quadriceps. However, you can be sure that you use these muscles when climbing stairs, climbing uphill and rising.

Since the adductor muscles are practically not involved in everyday life, they are very weak and therefore special attention should be paid to their training.

Benefits from leg information

Performing the reduction of the legs in the simulator, you have the right to count on:

strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh;
lifting (lifting) of adductor muscle adductors;
a better form of “sandal skin” (smooth / smooth lines of the inner part of the thighs) ;
stronger bed hugs in bed when the partner’s hips girth;
increase of the basic stability (balance) during the movement;
improved gait and posture;
reduction of injuries associated with weakness of the thigh muscles.
Performance technique

This is one of the most uncomplicated exercises in which it is almost impossible to make a mistake. The adduction itself means moving a part of the body (in this case, the legs) towards the center of the body. When you sit on the simulator, the movement is to overcome the resistance at the convergence of the hips, initially separated from each other.

The simulator itself is as follows and takes place in the halls, starting with the “medium hand”.

leg simulator
Step by step execution technique looks like this.

Step number 0.

Go to the simulator and set the desired weight of the burden. Then adjust the width of the saddle so that you feel a slight stretching of the adductor muscles when the hips are on the soft pads (side pads) . Keep your back straight and tight against the back of the machine. With your hands, grab the handrail below, and bend your legs at the knee to a corner of 90 degrees or slightly more. Open your legs, spreading them to the level of the set width of the simulator. This is the starting position.

Step number 1.

Inhale, as you exhale, control your hips. Keep your legs straight, keeping your knees above your feet. At the end point of the trajectory as much as possible pull the hips to each other and linger on 1-2 accounts.

Step number 2.

Slowly inhale, start spreading the rollers and stop them in a position that is slightly “not given” before the SP, in order to maintain the tension in the muscle being trained. Repeat the specified number of times.

In the picture version, this whole mess looks like this.

technique of performing leg information in the simulator
Practical advice

To get the most out of the exercise, follow the tips below:

do not flop weight, returning it to the PI;
slowly spread your legs slightly, not bringing them to the starting position;
stretch the adductors between approaches, for example, using the Lotus posture while sitting and pressing your hands on your knees;
during the run do not move the body and do not slide the buttocks along the simulator seat;
use the exercise as an auxiliary (finishing) when training the muscle adductors and put it at the end of the training after the main volume is completed;
if you feel that in the last approach you can no longer perform the exercise in full amplitude, use a quick series of shortened repetitions.
Go ahead and now talk about …

Lowering the legs in the simulator: is it effective for burning fat inside the thighs?

If you ask the “stuck” on the simulator to reduce the legs of the girls: what do you want to achieve with the help of the driving machine, then most of them will answer – I want the inside of the thighs to lose weight. However, it should be understood that this will never happen, because The simulator is designed to strengthen the adductor muscles, and not to burn fat – these are two different types of tissue, and strengthening the muscles does not lead to a decrease in the fat covering them. Even if you burn calories during an exercise, you cannot reduce fat in a specific (single) area.

Conclusion: the leg simulator is not designed for slimming the hips, and it is not able to make them slim.

Putting the legs in the simulator: is it worth it to bother?

flattening the legs in the simulator effective exercise
Often in the choice of a simulator for training a specific muscle, people are guided by its design and narrowness. For example, if the simulator is used to flatten the legs, then it must pump the corresponding area, the inner surface of the thigh. For the most part, it is. The isolation machine is aimed at working out only one muscle group.

However, with regard to the leading simulator, despite his love for the young ladies, he does not allow to achieve the ultimate goals, in particular – to reduce the hips (and as a result of the slimness of the legs) in women and the weight gain in men (if they have a thin thigh) .

And the thing is that in fact the target region (inner / outer thigh) works in coordination with the rest of the body. In addition, the movement in this simulator is not functional (unnatural for the organism) , i.e. it is not used anywhere outside the hall. Progress in weight is fast enough, but the more it is, the more it strains the spine. The kneecap will also not thank you for the ever-increasing load.

Thus, it turns out that no matter how you use the simulator for leg reduction, it is more likely that it will not change your composite composition of the legs, for these purposes it is a useless tool. And the whole thing here is in the biomechanics of motion. The construction of the simulator itself is sedentary, so the thigh muscles in this position do not work. It often happens that people come to the hall after a sedentary working day (for example, an office employee) in order to disperse the blood and bring muscles into a tone. And, oddly enough, they choose themselves (or on the advice of a coach)for training muscles sedentary simulator. This is not true. It is necessary to choose exercises in which it is necessary to keep balance and which use free weights and walking / standing with weights. In particular, the reduction of legs can be replaced by cross-lunges or leg abduction on the block – they allow to achieve much better “tuning” of the legs.


This should not be taken as a complete failure of the driving simulator to work out the corresponding muscles, no. It can be used as an auxiliary exercise for the main (or rehabilitation in case of injury) and included at the end of the workout, but working only with it will not make any progress in improving the shape of your legs, remember this and do not sink to the simulator as exceptional for training your internal muscles thigh surface.

I think a reasonable question has arisen: why do they install similar, medium-low efficiency simulators in the halls? The answer is that if they didn’t exist, fitness centers would discard most of the female clientele from their visits. Coupled with the fact that women are afraid of free weights and become too big and muscular, it is easier for them to choose light load by themselves.

Therefore, ladies – in improving the shape of the inner thighs, use the leading simulator wisely and do not dwell only on it.

Actually, I have everything that I wanted – I reported, now let’s summarize.

What is “Butt Wink” and how does it prevent squats?

Go ahead and now find out …

This combination is found in foreign literature on the anatomy of squats, and means the pelvic tilt down. One of the consequences of such a slope – loss of stability of the lumbar spine. If the lumbar spine “stands” in a bent position, the intervertebral discs get a lot of harmful load. The butt wink manifests itself in the fact that the pelvis begins to rotate backwards when the athlete passes the parallel position in the squats.

This is what a butt wink represents in theory and practice.

butt wink twisting pelvis
Butt wink (twisting the pelvis under him) can also manifest itself with an absolutely correct squat technique, since reasons for its anatomical.

In particular, the following reasons contribute to the manifestation of such twists:

specific anatomy of the thigh. A deeper fit of the hip joints reduces the available range of flexion of the hips. The athlete cannot crouch deep enough;
stiff (not flexible) large adductor muscle. The density of this muscle limits flexion and abduction of the hip, it will pull the pelvis back at the lower point of the squat trajectory;
stiff (non-flexible) ankles. Reducing the dorsiflexia (mobility) of the ankle causes the thigh to bend more forward, which leads to the “exit” of the thigh from the range of motion.
It turns out that the correct squats are not done at the behest of the coach or viewed information from youtube, read from the book or even from the article [ how to squat ] your favorite AB project. Correct squats are squats in accordance with their anatomical features, so study yourself and form your own unique (different from the classics) squat technique.

Well, we voiced and sorted out the problem, now let’s talk about correcting the situation.

If I am anatomically special / special, how do I learn to squat properly?
It should be understood that you and your anatomy you can not alter: the depth of the hip joint, the angle of inclination of the acetabulum or neck of the femur, the diameter of the neck of the femur – all this is structural factors, and stretching, massage, you are not helpers here. No, you need to do it (stretching) , but it is extremely rash to rely on her hopes that she will redesign your squats.

Regarding the increased mobility of the ankle, recent studies (Kim et al. 2015 ; Campos et al. 2016 , Korea, USA) confirm that an increase in mobility of the ankle affects the squatting mechanics – an increase in the ankle range (ROM) can reduce back flexion. Therefore, to improve the mechanics of squats, it makes sense to practice programs to improve the stretching of the ankle.

Raising the heel with the help of special weightlifting shoes for squats (weights with a heel) or putting pancakes under the heels – all this can straighten your squats.

Summing up all that was said on the butt wink, we will form visual basic solutions for improving the squat technique:

how to fix squats

Actually, on the agenda of the article we have left to close the last question …

Barbell squats: depth, width, moments. Research
How deep should you squat? What is the best way to set legs? These and other questions have long been unequivocal answers. Let’s take a look at them and start with …

№1. Squat Depth

Numerous studies have reported that the best, in terms of muscle activation, the range for squats is the angle from 90 (parallel to the floor) to 135 degrees (see the image, clickable) .

boom squats, depth squat, study

The EMG of the muscles increases as the depth of the squat increases. However, “booty to the floor” is not worth squat, because this imposes increased loads on the cruciate ligaments (in particular, the back) of the knee joint.

№2. Width and moments

Staging of the legs and arising in the joints (ankle, hip, knee) moments were studied in a study led by Professor Escamilla RF (US Med Sci Sports Exercise, 2001 ) .

Volunteers (10 men and 10 women, aged 30 to 40 years) were divided into three groups depending on the width of the squats:The researchers measured moments of the knee and hip joints, as well as shoulder strength at various magnum pump xr  points of the squat. The most important measurements occurred: at the lowest point of the trajectory, at 90 degrees of bending of the knee and at the point of the minimum speed of the rod.

Here are the data that was obtained:

squats, leg width, moments and shoulder strength, research
Findings from the study (voiced and related by Muscle PHD Academy, 2009 ) :

most of the biomechanical differences between the three squats groups turned out to be narrow and wide positions;
compared with a narrow setting at 45 degrees and 90 degrees of knee inclination (KF) , the hips were bent by 6-11 degrees more;
wide-set squats showed high knee moments at all three points of the squat;
squats with narrow stops are better (than other racks ) isolate quadriceps;
squats with a wide statement of the feet better (than in other racks) load the buttocks. On average, 1.5-1.7 times than with a narrow and 0.8-1.2 times than in comparison with the usual setting.
In general, in the course of analyzing numerous studies on squats, one can say that their ideal variant does not exist, i.e. asking which squats are best is incorrect. Each type solves its problems by combining them (width of setting feet, depth of immersion and other parameters) you will achieve a better shape of legs / buttocks, rather than sticking on one thing (even if you are very much loved) .

Actually, this was the latest information on the topic notes, go to …

Heart problems and summer training. Is it possible?

In hot weather, blood flow to the skin in healthy people may increase by 3 times; however, for people with heart failure, the heart muscle may be too weak, and the blood vessels may not be able to sufficiently increase blood flow to the skin to release heat through it. Thus, people with heart failure have great difficulty in controlling the temperature of their body, so it is better for them to either completely refrain from strength training in the gym, or carry them out in a supportive mode.

How much water should you drink during a workout in the summer?

Hydration – water saturation of the body, one of the main conditions during the “hot” workouts. Water helps to compensate for fluid loss through sweating, helps to thin the blood (acidosis is the cause of fatigue in training, increase blood density) , prevent fatigue and increase physical performance.

The main rule of water intake is not the indicator “wanted” (a feeling of thirst arose) , because this viralis rx already indicates a certain degree of dehydration of the organism. Therefore, conduct water-drinking procedures even before feeling thirsty. The ideal rule is to consume 150-350 ml of liquid every 15-20 minutes. Such a run-up is due to the different dimensions of the athlete and, in particular, the presence of muscle mass, women should drink less (the initial limit) , men should drink less (the extreme limit) .

An indirect indicator of a good level of body hydration is considered to be light yellow / clear urine.

In general, during the hot training day, you should adhere to the following drinking schedule:

in the morning after waking up 300-500 ml of water
300-500 ml of water for 1.5-2 hours before a workout;
150 ml of water every 15-20 minutes during training;
300-500 ml of water immediately after exercise.
Energy sources of the body during training in the summer

High temperature affects the training organism in different ways, in particular, in hot conditions its energy preferences change. Spanish researchers have found that training at high temperatures ( 35-40 ° C) increases the oxidation of muscle glycogen and reduces the oxidation of fat compared to the same intensity of exercise performed at 20 °. Thus, it can be said that running in hot conditions burns a higher percentage of carbohydrates and a smaller proportion of fat than running at the same pace in cooler conditions.

What you need to remember when training in the heat?

Temperature o / s increases the load on the heart muscle. Increasing for every degree of internal body temperature causes the heart to beat faster by 10 beats per minute. Therefore, a bunch of “exercises + heat” have a serious load on the heart. In the process of training, the flame engine has to work intensively, keeping the pace of the exercises and at the same time pumping large volumes of blood, bringing them to the surface of the skin for sweating. Also remember that the more your muscle mass, the more circulatory (more extensive) and more circulatory your body has, and training in the summer, if they are performed without a head (as usual) , can lead to a hospital effect.

So, it was a very necessary theoretical part, now you have a general picture of training in hot conditions, and we turn to …

Training in the summer: the practical side of the issue
Further in the text we will consider the main recommendations that should be followed during summer physical activity. These include:

№1. Training strategy

Your training should be different from the usual iron swing. In particular, eliminate heavy basic exercises, such as: deadlift, squats, army press, leg press. They are the most energy-consuming and exhausting. Training during this period should not be mass gaining character, think about the development of other qualities – OFP, endurance.

Do not divide the workout on the principle of split, i.e. a specific day has its own muscle group. Most likely, you have been doing all this time under a split program, so in the summer try other workouts. In particular, circular all over the body or exercises from such disciplines as crossfit , plyometrics .

№2. Training tactics

Do not be afraid to rest between approaches, in the summer the body needs more time to bring the pulse / heart rate back to normal for a new approach. Therefore, you can safely increase the rest time m / y sets for 15-30 seconds, bringing it to 60-90 seconds.

Number 3. Working weights

Reduce the working weight by 15-20% and increase the number of repetitions / approaches. In the summer, there is no need to strive for weights, besides training should be provided with food, and oh, it would not be desirable to press in the heat.

№4. Training time

To minimize heat stress, try to train in the morning / evening. In particular, the ideal time will be from 7 to 9 – in the morning and from 20.00 – in the evening. Workouts in the summer rains are very productive, so if there was heavy rain outside, we are blowing into the gym and pulling the iron.

№5. Drinking mode

We have already spoken about the need to be constantly hydrated, therefore strictly follow the drinking regime. Also remember, if your workouts last more than 1 hour, drink special sports drinks, isotonic. They are designed to compensate for the loss of electrolytes and improve athlete’s health. In particular, some post-workout drink recipes you can find here [ What to drink after a workout? ].

It is also important not to overdo it with water and not to drink too much, otherwise it can lead to a problem called hyponatremia (low sodium in the blood) . Therefore, observe in all measure.

№6. Nutrition

Some people can not force themselves to eat in the heat, but trainees need to maintain or build muscle. If your goal is to lose weight, then summer is the most optimal time, because it creates a negative calorific balance – you spend more calories than you consume (because you don’t want to eat) .

For the categories of workers called “a piece in the throat does not climb” 🙂 I will say that you need to change your diet and exclude long-digestible heavy foods – meat, cereals / cereals (white / brown rice, bread) . Your lightweight diet may include the following foods [ What is in the heat? ]

№7. Water / Air Procedures

It is extremely useful to take a cool shower before and after training. Also, always in the hall, keep a wet towel with you to refresh your character 🙂 and feel cheerful. Before heavy approaches, or when you feel that you are boiling, go to the toilet and rinse your face with cool water. Also go out to “smoke this thing” outside, fresh air and avoiding the hall’s stagnation will give you the strength to continue your studies.

№8. clothing

Boil the body often begins with the legs. We put them in rubber sneakers, and they are constantly in motion. Therefore, in the summer, say no to sneakers, etc. sportswomen, dress at last slates or sports slippers, in summer you can afford it. In other words, choose open and breathable shoes. As outerwear, look at cotton (cotton / polyester) shorts and non-black and gray T-shirts. Ladies – no leggings and tight synthetic, the ideal option is a sports bra and shorts. Just ask, be careful with different squats and bends, and then our brother will have to make stacks because of the emotional and not only overexcitation :).

Well, actually, all the practical tips that will help you to squeeze the most out of yourself, despite the hot roast outside the window, apply them and you will be happy!

Secrets of bodybuilding. What are the iron men silent?

What Russian does not like to drive fast … – no, not so. What gym occupant does not dream of large, prominent muscles? I dream a lot, but will have their units, and all because there are secrets of bodybuilding , which are hidden from the eyes of ordinary mortals, one of them today and we’ll talk.
Bodybuilding secrets
So sit back, I can not wait to share them.

What is the strength in, brother? Strength in the body.
I always try to write for my dear readers (that is, for you) not just some articles-replies about training programs or nutrition systems, I try to approach the issue from all possible (and not possible) sides. Those. That the user came, read the article, podcherpnu for themselves a maximum of useful practical information and filled a gap in their knowledge. In other words, I do not consider bodybuilding as a dry training process (and I do not advise you), and sometimes (albeit rarely so far) scientific articles, for example, like this, skip the resource [ Motivation in bodybuilding. Muscle pumping technology ]. We can say that today’s article – the secrets of bodybuilding, also from this unusual series.

So let’s get to the point.

Having entered any gym, one can observe how dozens of his prospectors stubbornly pump iron, overcoming painful sensations, how rivers of sweat flow from them, and the hall shudders from a long groan when lifting a regular piece of iron. All this is true, and they all share one thing – they want to get the maximum muscle, and ideally – for a minimum of time.

The realities of modern bodybuilding are such that the efforts made and the various tricks embodied in each workout do not advance the athlete to the results as quickly as he would like. In fact, it turns out that all hopes of speed to become another Schwarzenegger are broken against the boat of harsh reality, which is that the natural either completely stops his muscle race or sits down on chemistry. In fact, only a few of the hundreds of thousands sufficiently develop their genetic capabilities.

The others (no matter how rough it may sound) are marking time and sucking their paw, i.e. Do not get quickly coveted structural changes in their bodies. The concept of “maximum result for minimum effort” fails. But the body wants something! And you want not separately beautiful arms, legs or ass, but all at once. What to do?

Well, first of all – do not be greedy and understand that if you put a minimum of effort, then the result will be “so-so”. Secondly, you should not focus on Mr. Olympia and other professional athletes, because no one knows how they actually built their body – naturally or not. After all, the secrets of bodybuilding are that someone knows something and deliberately does not speak (or does not agree) . If everyone knew how things are really “backstage” life of a bodybuilder, then every second would be a walking copy of Iron Arnie :).

But if ordinary people know about chemistry, steroids, and other things, then the bodybuilding empire will obviously lose less profit. And they need it? Therefore, bodybuilding should have its secrets. One of them (to which our today’s article is devoted) is conventionally called the golden triangle – this is the realm of ideal training and constant growth of muscle mass.

Most clearly it can be represented by the following image.

adaptation mechanism with increasing load


The axis “x” – training days, the axis “y” – the excitability of the central nervous system, depending on the magnitude of the increase to the working weight.

If you place any person in the triangle formed by points 4-5-6 and “blurt” him there for some time, then his muscular volumes and strength indices will increase significantly. Let’s take a closer look at this “Bermuda Triangle” and find out why all the indicators of athletes who get there start to increase dramatically.

So, if an athlete wants to make long-term and impressive progress, then he must provide his body with the following conditions: 1) minimize the adaptation of his central nervous system to the ever-increasing weights of burdens; 2) increase your current level of excitability of the central nervous system to the optimal value.

In order for the first growth condition to be fulfilled, the complete absence of the adaptation mechanism is necessary, which corresponds to the segment on the straight line between points 1-6 . After the passage of the body of point 6 , adaptation mechanisms are activated, which, in the end, inhibit the development process of the athlete.

Thus, it turns out that the level of power load should not come close to point 6 . To be perfectly accurate, the increase in excitability of the central nervous system should not exceed the point 5 of the segment 3-7 . If non-compliance with this condition occurs (i.e. the level of excitability of the athlete exceeds point 5 ) , this will lead to the launch of the adaptation mechanism, which, in turn, will violate the first “law of growth”.

It turns out that the most preferred option is the one at which the level of excitability of the central nervous system is between points 3 and 5 , ideally between 4-5 . If the degree of excitation of the central nervous system is below point 4, then the body will not be able to start (in full) the mechanisms of synthesis of muscle fibers.

Translating all this nonsense 🙂 into a simple human language, it turns out the following: no matter how much effort you spend, no matter how “groaning”, but if your efforts are located below the initial level of adaptation of the central nervous system, all of them are meaningless. Those. only when you break shred pro elite through the seemingly seemingly insurmountable weight (and painful) threshold to you, only when you really give serious stress to your muscles, only then will you move. Otherwise (the usual training mode), your fate – all your life to be comfortable for you weight and have very modest results.

Moral: agitate your central nervous system so that it at once leads to the launch of all muscle growth mechanisms.

Go ahead on schedule.

The area between points 1–2 (on the axis of excitability of the central nervous system) is a “dead zone,” where getting stress is, in principle, an impossible task. In this zone, and to be more precise, in the sector 1-2-3-4 , there is a large part of the inhabitants of the gym. Therefore, if you do not see a return (including visual) from your workouts, know that, most likely, you have fallen into the “realm of calm” – a dead zone of futility.

How to move from the lowest league to the highest one, how to get into the zone ( 15-16 ) of the perfect training?

Point 29 (on the X-axis, training periods) is the main goal of almost every amateur of natural bodybuilding. Constant hit in the “top ten” of this golden temporary site will truly ensure 100% success to any novice and even advanced athlete.

So let’s move from theory to even more theory 🙂 and a new image. Any increase in the intensity of training automatically provokes the launch of adaptation processes of the central nervous system. In the image above, this “take-off” begins from point 6 , in the interval between points 1-6, adaptation sleeps soundly. In order to start these processes, it is necessary to raise the current level of excitability of the CNS above point 5 . Section 5-7 describes exactly the level of excitability, which is sufficient for the formation of new initiating adaptation processes. In turned, already he did not understand!

In other words, all the values ​​of CNS excitability above point 5 do not interest us, because break the first condition. The ideal value of the excitability of the nervous system (along the X axis) should be considered as the set located on the horizontal straight line between the points 32-34 . The ideal training time will be a vertical line crossing the “golden triangle” at points 30 and 31 .

10 tips for stubborn muscles

We all have at least one muscular group that responds harder to the training and is behind. Genetics play an important role, but for any problem there is a solution.

The tips are for the advanced, over 3-5 years of training. Here are 10 tips, in an unspecified order, to progress to a stubborn muscle group, but also to add new earnings in general.

1. Accent the eccentric, negative part to all exercises for the target muscle. I suggest a 4/1 / x tempo, in which you lower the weight in 4s, pause 1s in the middle of the descent and then explode on the positive side.

2. Train the stubborn muscle 2 times a week, workout is normal, intensity and volume, the other, lighter, about half the normal volume. Make sure you have at least two breaks between the two exercises.

3. Work the target muscle at the beginning of the workout at least once a week. That is how we apply the principle of priority, and the muscle in question will benefit from the most energy we can give it to a workout. Choose the right moment when you are physically and mentally prepared for it.

4. Varies the training schedule. You can not always practice the same exercises, series, weights, repetitions. Varies exercise, weights, number of repetitions, angles, sockets, breaks between turns, intensity.

5. Try to sleep a little longer in the night before and after training. Thus, the body will benefit from more recovery and growth time.

6. Increases the number of calories in quality foods on the day of training of the group left behind. Increases carbohydrates by 25-50 g at the table before and after training. You need more nutrients to train you harder and restore you more efficiently.

7. During training, take a beverage shake containing 10 g of glutamine, 10 g of BCAA, 3 g of beta-alanine and 3 g of creatine. Feed the machine!

8. If you do not train with a partner, try to take one to the training of a stubborn group. Not only can alpha xr he or she give you verbal reasoning, but it can help you make repetitions to reach complete exhaustion, which you can not do alone.

9. Use the view to create a stronger connection between mind and muscle. When you train a non-stimulating group, try to create an intense connection with the muscle for each repeat of the series. Simply picking up the weight from point A to point B is not enough. You have to visualize exactly how you want the muscle to look, how to feel, how the series will go before physically doing them.

10. Use therapeutic methods, such as deep massage, for the target muscle. Thus, you can increase your blood and nutrient irrigation in the area and open the fascia, the membrane that bears the muscle. Recovery will be improved and will increase the muscle growth potential.

If I were to name one thing to put it first, as a priority, it would be patience. Only if you are conscientious, constantly, pull hard, use a smart plan and patience, then you will see the improvements you are looking for.