9 fake slimming foods

Some foods, which have the reputation of being lightened or labeled light on the shelves of stores, are not in fact at all! These are fake friends for diets because contrary to what is believed, they are not ideal for keeping the line or getting weight loss .

Here is a list of 9 fake slimming foods with some tips to integrate them all the same in your diet.

1. The lawyer
Avocado seems to be an ingredient of choice to incorporate into light salads and is recommended by many nutritionists . But it is much richer in fat than other vegetables (although they are good unsaturated vegetable fats, excellent for the heart). Half of a small avocado has 138 kcal and 14 g of fat (the equivalent of 1.5 tablespoons of oil) .

It is certainly a food to consume in a slimming diet (because of its high fiber content and its great power of satiety) but with a certain moderation. You will only take half of an avocado as a starter or cut into a salad 2 to 3 times a week . And pay attention to its accompaniment because the mayonnaise is to be avoided !

2. Vegetable chips
Vegetable chips seem more reasonable to consume than potato chips, and yet you must be careful not to eat too much because dietetically, it is still frying.

Indeed, cooked also in oil, they are just as fat and as caloric as the usual chips .

The best thing is to make them yourself (to avoid industrial products) with zucchini, beets, sweet potatoes or other vegetables at your convenience. To do this, cut the vegetables into very thin slices and lightly brush them with olive oil to bake for 45 minutes at 180 ° C.

3. Dairy products at 0%
A classic natural yoghurt contains only 1% of fat so that the 0% does not bring much more nutritional level.

And be careful if it is fruit, yoghurt at 0% can be so sweet and much more caloric than a traditional yoghurt.Il should not eat more than 2 or 3 per day and check that they are well reduced in sugars and fat.

The ideal is to choose a bodyfit keto cheese with 20% fat (much more tasty) and to add some real pieces of cut fruit. And be careful, do not choose a white cheese with 40% fat because it is too fat for a diet.

4. Salmon
Very famous for its omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and cardiovascular health, we say that it is better to eat salmon than meat. However, this is not always the case because salmon is one of the fatter fish and is even more caloric and fatter than some white meats and a ground beef with 5% fat.

When dieting, you must cook it with steam or foil and do not accompany it with butter sauce. You will also make sure to alternate with hake and cod which are much less rich in calories.

5. The cherries
Gourmands tend to eat it by handfuls because it is a fruit. But cherries contain 15 to 20% of sugars and are much more caloric and sweet than other red fruits (raspberries or strawberries for example). You can therefore eat to reload antioxidants but limit yourself to 15 cherries for dessert (equivalent to 70 kcal).

6. Light biscuits
Always check their composition, because often less rich in sugars , they are very fat. Above 10 g of fat per 100 g, these cakes are not at all dietary.

Remember that a biscuit stuffed with hazelnuts or chocolate , even if it is light, will always be more caloric than a fruit tray or a biscuit dry. You must eat only 2 or 3 maximum per snack, but the best is to focus on real tasty cakes and eat less.

7. Diet cereals
Only 10% less caloric than conventional cereals of the same type, diet cereals are a little less sweet but not less rich in fat , on the contrary. You should eat a small bowl of 40 grams with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk (which will bring you 35 to 50 kcal against 65 with whole milk).

You should know that the most interesting cereals for breakfast are the most complete and basic, and with a low glycemic index (such as oat bran, oat flakes or whole wheat petals). Mueslis by cons (composed of chocolate chips or dried fruit) are rather caloric and fat.

8. Smoothies
Appearing as a healthy snack because prepared with fruit, smoothies require a large amount of fruit to get a drink and finally prove very rich in sugars . Industrial smoothies even contain added sugars; it is better to eat an apple for the diet.

However you can enjoy a drink from time to time (as a snack or breakfast) but not every day. Be aware that a good diet smoothie recipe is made with raspberries, currants and melon.

9. Soft drinks
Light sodas are not fattening directly since they are zero calories and zero sugar . But their sweeteners (with very strong sweetening power) do not disabuse the taste of sugar and do not help to control the intake of sugar in its diet.

So you can consume a glass of light soda to replace a glass of alcohol during an appetizer for example, but you should not drink constantly .

In conclusion, the effects of certain foods, yet recognized as light, light or dietetically recommended, are rather disappointing on weight loss. This comes from the fact that there are several fake slimming foods, that you know now, that taken too much or poorly accompanied, completely prevent to keep the line.

So it’s up to you to eat them right and when you need them, in combination with a healthy and balanced diet and a little physical activity, for the success of your diet and effective and lasting weight loss.

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