Chervil soup: benefits and calories

Chervil soup: benefits and calories

Chervil is a very fragrant aromatic plant that enhances the dishes with an extra flavor. It is not only allowed during a Weight Watchers diet but also recommended because of its many beneficial properties for the body.

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Although it tastes like food, it can also be consumed in the form of soup to lose your extra pounds.

How many calories in chervil soup?
With 54.3 kcal per 100 grams, the chervil is low in calories , so its soup will not make you fat. Moreover, it is generally used in small quantities. Why is the chervil soup a slimming ally of choice? Because it has diuretic properties . It helps eliminate water by promoting the volume of urine. It eliminates toxins and helps to have a flat stomach while helping digestion .

In this way, she participates in your weight loss .

The easy and light recipe of the chervil soup
This recipe of grandmother is also achievable using a thermomix type device and can be eaten cold. It is good to know that chervil is consumed raw preferably to benefit from all its virtues but for the soup, it is necessary to boil it.

– 100 gr of potatoes – 100 g of zucchini – 100 gr of leeks – 1 onion – 100 grams of fresh chervil – 3 tablespoons of light cream – pepper and salt – 1 liter of water – 1 pinch of thyme and parsley

– Peel, wash and cut the vegetables in pieces – Cut the diced onion and sauté it in a saucepan with a little oil – Add the vegetables, thyme and parsley – Pour the water and add the chervil – Bring to a boil – Mix and cook on a low heat – Blend and then season – Add cream and serve hot

Tasty, good for health and low in calories , chervil is eaten in soup to eliminate the pounds.

The benefits of this plant
In addition to being good for slimming down , chervil is rich in calcium , iron and vitamins including C and B9. It brings energy to your body. It is a source of trace elements and mineral salts . It relieves gout, bronchitis and kidney stones. Versatile, the chervil can be used in skin applications to calm insect bites, bruises and pains related to rheumatism.


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