Cohen menu at 1000 kcal

After the comfort phase, it is now in the booster phase of Dr. Cohen that we attack, with a total of 1000 kcal not to exceed , and this for two weeks!

We remind you that the principle of Cohen diet is to reduce the amount of calories consumed over a period of 20 weeks , through different phases of purpose.

Thus, the body burns fat faster. And so that it works and do not lose you in these different stages , we natura farms keto offer menus to 1000 calories , to vary the pleasures and not to have the craving!

Simple and easy menus to 1000 kcal
Breakfast n ° 1
1 unsweetened coffee
1 natural yoghurt 0% fat
1 slice of rye bread
1 thin slice of chicken ham
1 bowl of strawberries (no added sugar)
Breakfast n ° 2
1 unsweetened tea
2 complete rusks
100 g light cream cheese
1 tomato
Breakfast n ° 3
1 unsweetened infusion
1 slice of wholemeal bread
1 boiled egg
1 fruit salad, mixed with 100 grams of 0% MG white cheese
Lunch n ° 1
2 cutlets of escalope, pan-fried and fat-free
1 small portion of spinach lasagna
2 apricots
Lunch n ° 2
1 grilled bar block
100 grams of mashed potatoes with thermomix (made with skim milk + 5 grams of butter)
1 plate of green beans
1 nectarine
Lunch n ° 3
1 salad with raw vegetables
3 sardines in foil
1 small portion of gratin with broccoli
2 plums
Dinner n ° 1
1 bowl of cheese cucumbers 0% fat
1 cup of zucchini soup with thermomix
1 fishing
Dinner n ° 2
1 salad of raw vegetables
1 plate of scrambled eggs
1 pear
Dinner n ° 3
2 slices of turkey ham
1 plate of a mix of green vegetables
1 bowl of red fruits, mixed with 100 grams of white cheese at 0% fat
Before continuing with your diet, you are advised to seek the advice of a nutritionist , to see if your physical ability allows you to continue your diet or not . Thus, you avoid being affected by adverse effects and preserve your health.

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