Endomorphous morphotype: how to build muscles?

Endomorphous morphotype: how to build muscles?

Instead of just trying to lose weight by dieting, have you ever thought about getting a little muscle in your body? In fact, bodybuilding is also a way to keep your body in good shape.

The program seems relatively simple. But you will need to make changes in your diet and be diligent during your workouts.

The mass gain of the endomorph
In fact, an endomorphous person can easily gain mass, which is advantageous for the muscu, because it is far from being skinny. This being the case, with the absence of training, you will quickly become obese (given the subcutaneous anti-adipose tissues stored). This obesity will first manifest at the level of your belly, which already has a rounded appearance.

The transformation of the endomorphous morphotype
Although mass gain is easy, it also requires you to train more fiercely. The first step will be to increase your stamina by running every day. You will be able to choose, either the morning, or the end of the afternoon, for that. Run a good fifteen minutes during the first 2 weeks. What sport then?

Continue with fitness exercises , such as abdominal work, pumps, and stationary bars. Do not forget to keep your body in order to burn excess calories faster.

Finally, when your body is used to these daily efforts, you will be able to go to the next level with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

The principle is simple: submit your body to high intensity exercises (up to 4 min for each set of exercises – 30 min in all) . Recovery, meanwhile, can take just as long.

Diet during a diet for endomorph
Protein consumption should be avoided during your diet because you are already taking mass easily. For every meal, eat healthy with non-fat meat, stir-fries, starchy foods, fruit and lots of water. If you are a woman and you start HIIT , you do not have to work as hard as men. Limit yourself to just 20 minutes in total for the start of activities. You will increase the pace gradually.

By coupling diets and sports, you will see a strengthening of your muscles, from the first month. But it will take you about a quarter to see noticeable changes.

In theory, the diet and sports regime of the endomorphous morphotype seem easy to achieve .

Nevertheless, you need to pay more attention to what you eat and do more sports. The results are rarely palpable, from the first month. Certainly, your muscles will be strengthened, but it is only after 3 months that the effect before and after will be really significant.

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