How many calories in nutsedge?

Tubercule little known, the nutmeg is generally found in organic store, whole or peeled, or in the form of flour. Also called tiger nut, can nutgrass fit into a slimming diet? Is it poor or high in calories? Very rich, unfortunately, since it provides 400 kcal per 100 grams.

However, this false seed is not devoid of assets. Discover what it can bring you!

Nutgrass: calories and glycemic index
Highly caloric, nutsedge can be, at first sight, somewhat difficult to reconcile with a low calorie diet. However, it actually presents great advantages for the line …

Indeed, this tuber has a really moderate glycemic index: 35. It allows you to eat without playing yo-yo with your blood sugar. So, you do not encourage your body to store!

In addition, nutsedge is extremely rich in fiber, making it an ally of digestion and makes it very satisfying: thanks to it, you effectively limit the risk of cravings, and your transit is much better.

Nutgrass is not necessarily a food to exclude from your slimming diet, especially as it provides many nutritional benefits.

The healthy virtues of nutgrass
Thanks to its mineral-rich composition, nutmeg brings you zinc, magnesium, iron or calcium. It also contains good fatty acids, close to those of olive oil.

A source of vitamins and antioxidants, nutsedge also helps protect your body against the harmful effects of free radicals. It also strengthens your immune defenses.

Finally, without gluten, nutmeg is suitable for almost all eaters!

How to benefit from the slimming benefits of nutsedge?
Nutgrass can be consumed in various forms: vegetable drink, nutmeg meal, tassel oil and even spread, you are spoiled for choice!

But to take full advantage of the satiating virtues of this tuber, prefer the raw form, unprocessed: you will have whole fibers, and what to chew long – essential to get a real feeling of satiety!

“But how can I cook the whole nutsedge? You do not have to go into a cooking recipe: after you have bought a bag of tubers, simply make one of your favorite snacks, chew on if you’re hungry.

An edible but little known plant, nutmeg has many assets to help you lose weight while keeping you healthy. Integrated with a balanced diet, preferably in its full form, it also helps you stay healthy.

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