How to lose 3 pounds at menopause?

Menopause induces hormonal upheavals that often lead to weight gain, among other things, such as hot flashes and digestive problems related to the liver . It is not inevitable if you impose on yourself some rules of healthy life.

Lose weight sustainably with a good diet
The idea is not to go on a diet against calories . It must certainly reduce them to lose fat : it does not natura farms keto lose weight without depriving a little . But at age 50, you risk losing muscle and bone, which also means increasing the danger to osteoporosis.

In this respect, women are much more exposed than men. Aim for weight loss over time that will not affect your health.

Keys to a good diet
It is very important to satisfy your hunger but, if you are used to eating large plates, it will of course reduce the doses, because the body spends less on aging. An essential: Drink a lot, especially if you suffer from water retention . Find the indispensable proteins in white meat and fish, and in a nice portion of dairy products a day.

Do not forget starchy foods for energy (pasta, rice …). Keep a limited proportion of good fats (oils, butters …) and hunt for industrial products.

An adapted sports program
Scientific studies have shown that one hour of physical activity per day significantly reduces weight gain after menopause. A half-hour daily or three one-hour sessions a week would be a challenge.

Choose from endurance exercises such as running, swimming, cycling, walking. Do not force, but persist. The sport is a natural analgesic, it is a real remedy against the symptoms and pains of the menopause .

Who knows, you may end up reaching and even enjoying this daily time of sport, and be rewarded by the flat stomach that you no longer hoped for ten years ago?

Lose weight after 50 years is not natura farms keto walmart easy. It involves a healthy lifestyle that may have never been your way. But once you get the crease, you will see the effects naturally . It’s never too late to do it!

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