Lose weight with the Fitness Master Class?

Have a flat stomach, refine your thighs, remove cellulite, have muscular buttocks, in short have a slender body and toned , this is what promises you Lucile Woodward through his Fitness Mass Class videos .

Indeed, formidable fitness to reconnect with great shape and a silhouette of dream, the Fitness Master Class is a huge success with sports fans to lose weight , remained muscular and keep the line.

Fitness Master Class: a complete gym program to lose weight
Whether you want to slim down, keto drox stomach or arms, the Fitness Master Class includes more than 80 training videos to make at home for a toned body. With a duration of 15 minutes to 30 minutes on average, each fitness session begins with a few minutes of warm-up.

An important step in any training, the warm-up should not be neglected to avoid any risk of injury or simply to hurt yourself.

As for how to organize his training, the coach specifies that for slimming effects, at least two sessions of 30 minutes per week of muscle strengthening, one to two sessions of cardio a week lasting 45 minutes to 1 each hour and a one-hour stretch session every 15 days.

The sessions are mainly composed of muscle building exercises combined with cardio , you just have to target videos that meet your goals. “I lose weight, but my stomach does not want to lose its curves, how to do? “, So insist on the special sessions of flat tummy Fitness Master Class.

Anyway, it is advisable to vary the exercises to get the best for the body, avoid routine and do not get tired.

Fitness Master Class: More than just gym sessions at home
Because slimming sports training is not enough for itself to achieve results, the Fitness Master Class integrates a balanced and healthy diet , without depriving oneself.

Doing sports without hurting yourself, at the times that suit us and eat without any frustration , that’s what awaits those who take the Fitness Master Class.

Sessions for everyone
“I can train in gyms, but I can not really lose weight.” What if you follow the Fitness Master Class program? Training videos available on the Doctissimo YouTube channel, this training program will allow you to take advantage of the good advice and clear explanations of an expert sports coach in order to properly carry out the movements.

It is enough for a movement to be poorly executed or a bad position to distort the results, despite the efforts. In order to be accessible to all, Lucile Woodward wanted these exercises to be simple to do at home .

For the latter, playing sports is not only an essential way to lose weight , it is above all a way to feel good inside and then see the fruits of his efforts by the effects visible to him. outside.

By doing the exercises properly and on a proper diet, there would be no reason to lose weight in target areas with the Fitness Master Class.

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