nti cellulite massage with a glass: effective?

Cellulite is an aesthetic evil that affects a large proportion of women. It corresponds to a storage of fat in the adipose tissue which gives an appearance of orange peel thus creating a certain aesthetic discomfort .

To overcome this, many tips are proposed. The one we will discuss is anti cellulite massage with a glass. If its name may seem surprising, this method can be very effective in eliminating poorly stored fat and allow you to find a firm and pleasant skin.

Benefits and effectiveness of anti cellulite massage
Fading dimples is the main goal of this operation. For this, the suction effect created facilitates lymphatic and venous circulation . From this call of air, results a draining effect dx lean diet forskolin which makes it possible to eliminate the fats and the toxins of the lymphatic system. The benefits continue to be felt hours after the session.

To see the results very quickly, schedule five-minute sessions every day for up to three weeks . In all cases, a certain mastery of the actions to be performed is recommended. Indeed, a poor grip can be the cause of bruises, varicose veins and intense pain.

A good anti-cellulite massage with a drink can help you regain full self-confidence.

In addition to the sessions described above, the slimming tips to prevent a return of orange peels remain the same: adopt a good diet and regular physical activity . You now know how to do it!

How to do ?
This is a method that is similar to that of the suction cup and reproduces the gestures of rolling palpate and aspiration. Indeed, the process consists of placing the object on the surface of the skin so as to trap the skin underneath . It must then slide in a circular motion on the area of ​​the body to be treated. To facilitate the action, it is recommended to apply a suitable oil in advance .

The gesture to be made here depends on the area to be treated. Thus, for the belly, the movements must go from the inside to the outside leaving the navel, then circular, and finally diagonally, in the area of ​​the handles of love.

To dislodge the dimples from the arms, it is necessary to start in a straight line, to pass in circles then in zigzag , all, from the top to the bottom.

As for the thighs and buttocks, the trick is to zigzag movements up and down, then from the inside to the outside, before making circular movements with the glass.

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