Persillade: a sauce to avoid during the diet?

Persillade: a sauce to avoid during the diet?

This easy preparation based on parsley and garlic is one of the essentials of French gastronomy . Homemade, it is allowed in a diet, but some ready-made preparations can be more caloric.

Persillade, a caloric sauce ?
What is parsley? This classic recipe is prepared by mixing parsley and garlic, to which oil is added . Therefore, it can be made with very good ingredients and prove to be dietary.

The problem comes from purchased ready-made sauces: these often contain far too much fat, of mediocre quality .

In 100 g of standard brand Provencal persillade, there are about 327 calories . Consuming a tablespoon of persillade on a dish will not make you fat if you balance your meal, but consider that it is still a significant lipid contribution as part of a slimming diet . As for all sauces: it is allowed, but in small quantities.

With what to consume the persillade?
It is part of many dishes from the most traditional to the most original.

In the first place, when we think of parsley, we often think of snails . But it is also used to prepare fried mushrooms delicious.

In vegetarian cuisine, it is frequently used because it enhances the taste . The vegans enjoy it on grilled tomatoes à la plancha, for example.

There are recipes for white fish or shrimp with parsley , which are perfect for a summer meal. Finally, its use is widespread in Italian cuisine, to decorate spaghetti or pizza.

In addition, its composition makes it a suitable seasoning if you are pregnant.

How to make a homemade persillade
With your thermomix, you can prepare recipes based on persillade in minutes. But it is also possible to make this seasoning separately, and to keep it for several days to decorate a carpaccio of beef or sarladaise potatoes .

To do this, simply mix 2 bunches of parsley , preferably curly and organic , with five cloves of garlic. If you do not have a mixer or blender, you can use a mortar. Add four to five spoonfuls of olive oil, and you just have to serve it, or keep it cool in a glass jar.

Depending on your tastes, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.

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