Pleasure curves: learn how to take advantage of its shapes

According to his curves, a woman will have different complexes and desires. Understand them by decrypting his figure and becoming the best shot of his life.

The rectangular silhouette (46.12%)
She has a slender and balanced body, with hips almost as wide as the bust.

Psychology : Slender body women usually take care of themselves. They are athletic and have facilities for physical activities.
It is better not to challenge them, at the risk of being ridiculed.

On the other hand, praise their energy overflowing, they will appreciate.

Physiology: Athletic women want you to lose no detail of their anatomy. They therefore appreciate the positions that allow them to be seen from every angle.

1Position: The missionary with support
1 – Lying in the position of the missionary, take support on the amounts of the bed. Ask your partner to clasp you with his legs and swing up and down. It’s a nice position for both men and women. But you can still do better.

2 – Forget the usual pushing technique and use your feet to give yourself momentum. With this technique, you will have a shorter horizontal movement back and forth, which will allow you to keep in touch with her clitoris. She should like it!

The pear silhouette (20.92%)
Fine at the top, round at the bottom: she has hips wider than the bust of at least 5 centimeters.

Psychology: These women are sometimes complexed, and therefore inhibited. Do not hesitate to compliment them on their clothing choices and to tell them, for example, tarvos testo that their jeans look great. Being comforted in the idea that they know how to choose the clothes that will enhance them will reassure them.

Physiology: Go for positions that will give them the impression of being finer and make a cross on those that imply that the woman rides the man. These women generally appreciate the positions that allow deep penetration and good stimulation of the clitoris.

2Position: Closed scissors
1 – Women with this type of physique are often complexed by their curves. To make sure your partner relaxes and feels at ease, consider turning down the lights. Then put yourself in position: each lying on the side, legs intertwined, your body at right angles.

2- Hold your right hand in your left hand. On the other hand, stroke her clit.

Silhouette in inverted triangle (13,62%)
Wide at the top, thin at the bottom: it has a bust wider than the hips of at least 7.5 centimeters.

Psychology: As long as your relationship is not well established, avoid talking to her about her breasts. Flatten it indirectly. Do not tell him “You have a nice pair, you know”, but “This bikini is going to delight you”.

Physiology: These women are proud of their breasts and long legs. You must therefore favor the positions that will allow them to put these double assets in value.

3Position: Standing with support on the legs

1 – Take a seat at the foot of the bed, ask him to bend his legs; his thighs should form a right angle with his bust, and his knees should be placed higher than his elbows. You will be able to enjoy admiring his chest and take care of his legs.

2 – Once penetration has begun, lean backwards and tilt your pelvis forward; this will slightly elevate your partner and promote the stimulation of his G-spot.

The curvilinear silhouette (8.4%)

Less than 10% of women fall into this category, which is characterized by the same width of shoulders and hips and a slim, well marked waist.

Psychology: They are well-skinned women, aware of their strengths and used to highlight them to maximize their potential
seduction (by their approach or through a well-fitting dress).

Physiology: Anal penetration provides maximum pleasure to these women, who generally appreciate being held by the waist. But discuss it first with your partner!

4Position: The doggy with pillow
1- Place a pillow under her breasts to relieve the possible inconvenience that will give her the way you crush them. This will allow him, moreover, to change the inclination of his bust, to bend or straighten more easily and thus to change the angle of penetration.
2- Resist, as much as possible, the temptation to administer a small spanking. Instead, use your hand to stimulate her clitoris.

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