Secrets of bodybuilding. What are the iron men silent?

What Russian does not like to drive fast … – no, not so. What gym occupant does not dream of large, prominent muscles? I dream a lot, but will have their units, and all because there are secrets of bodybuilding , which are hidden from the eyes of ordinary mortals, one of them today and we’ll talk.
Bodybuilding secrets
So sit back, I can not wait to share them.

What is the strength in, brother? Strength in the body.
I always try to write for my dear readers (that is, for you) not just some articles-replies about training programs or nutrition systems, I try to approach the issue from all possible (and not possible) sides. Those. That the user came, read the article, podcherpnu for themselves a maximum of useful practical information and filled a gap in their knowledge. In other words, I do not consider bodybuilding as a dry training process (and I do not advise you), and sometimes (albeit rarely so far) scientific articles, for example, like this, skip the resource [ Motivation in bodybuilding. Muscle pumping technology ]. We can say that today’s article – the secrets of bodybuilding, also from this unusual series.

So let’s get to the point.

Having entered any gym, one can observe how dozens of his prospectors stubbornly pump iron, overcoming painful sensations, how rivers of sweat flow from them, and the hall shudders from a long groan when lifting a regular piece of iron. All this is true, and they all share one thing – they want to get the maximum muscle, and ideally – for a minimum of time.

The realities of modern bodybuilding are such that the efforts made and the various tricks embodied in each workout do not advance the athlete to the results as quickly as he would like. In fact, it turns out that all hopes of speed to become another Schwarzenegger are broken against the boat of harsh reality, which is that the natural either completely stops his muscle race or sits down on chemistry. In fact, only a few of the hundreds of thousands sufficiently develop their genetic capabilities.

The others (no matter how rough it may sound) are marking time and sucking their paw, i.e. Do not get quickly coveted structural changes in their bodies. The concept of “maximum result for minimum effort” fails. But the body wants something! And you want not separately beautiful arms, legs or ass, but all at once. What to do?

Well, first of all – do not be greedy and understand that if you put a minimum of effort, then the result will be “so-so”. Secondly, you should not focus on Mr. Olympia and other professional athletes, because no one knows how they actually built their body – naturally or not. After all, the secrets of bodybuilding are that someone knows something and deliberately does not speak (or does not agree) . If everyone knew how things are really “backstage” life of a bodybuilder, then every second would be a walking copy of Iron Arnie :).

But if ordinary people know about chemistry, steroids, and other things, then the bodybuilding empire will obviously lose less profit. And they need it? Therefore, bodybuilding should have its secrets. One of them (to which our today’s article is devoted) is conventionally called the golden triangle – this is the realm of ideal training and constant growth of muscle mass.

Most clearly it can be represented by the following image.

adaptation mechanism with increasing load


The axis “x” – training days, the axis “y” – the excitability of the central nervous system, depending on the magnitude of the increase to the working weight.

If you place any person in the triangle formed by points 4-5-6 and “blurt” him there for some time, then his muscular volumes and strength indices will increase significantly. Let’s take a closer look at this “Bermuda Triangle” and find out why all the indicators of athletes who get there start to increase dramatically.

So, if an athlete wants to make long-term and impressive progress, then he must provide his body with the following conditions: 1) minimize the adaptation of his central nervous system to the ever-increasing weights of burdens; 2) increase your current level of excitability of the central nervous system to the optimal value.

In order for the first growth condition to be fulfilled, the complete absence of the adaptation mechanism is necessary, which corresponds to the segment on the straight line between points 1-6 . After the passage of the body of point 6 , adaptation mechanisms are activated, which, in the end, inhibit the development process of the athlete.

Thus, it turns out that the level of power load should not come close to point 6 . To be perfectly accurate, the increase in excitability of the central nervous system should not exceed the point 5 of the segment 3-7 . If non-compliance with this condition occurs (i.e. the level of excitability of the athlete exceeds point 5 ) , this will lead to the launch of the adaptation mechanism, which, in turn, will violate the first “law of growth”.

It turns out that the most preferred option is the one at which the level of excitability of the central nervous system is between points 3 and 5 , ideally between 4-5 . If the degree of excitation of the central nervous system is below point 4, then the body will not be able to start (in full) the mechanisms of synthesis of muscle fibers.

Translating all this nonsense 🙂 into a simple human language, it turns out the following: no matter how much effort you spend, no matter how “groaning”, but if your efforts are located below the initial level of adaptation of the central nervous system, all of them are meaningless. Those. only when you break shred pro elite through the seemingly seemingly insurmountable weight (and painful) threshold to you, only when you really give serious stress to your muscles, only then will you move. Otherwise (the usual training mode), your fate – all your life to be comfortable for you weight and have very modest results.

Moral: agitate your central nervous system so that it at once leads to the launch of all muscle growth mechanisms.

Go ahead on schedule.

The area between points 1–2 (on the axis of excitability of the central nervous system) is a “dead zone,” where getting stress is, in principle, an impossible task. In this zone, and to be more precise, in the sector 1-2-3-4 , there is a large part of the inhabitants of the gym. Therefore, if you do not see a return (including visual) from your workouts, know that, most likely, you have fallen into the “realm of calm” – a dead zone of futility.

How to move from the lowest league to the highest one, how to get into the zone ( 15-16 ) of the perfect training?

Point 29 (on the X-axis, training periods) is the main goal of almost every amateur of natural bodybuilding. Constant hit in the “top ten” of this golden temporary site will truly ensure 100% success to any novice and even advanced athlete.

So let’s move from theory to even more theory 🙂 and a new image. Any increase in the intensity of training automatically provokes the launch of adaptation processes of the central nervous system. In the image above, this “take-off” begins from point 6 , in the interval between points 1-6, adaptation sleeps soundly. In order to start these processes, it is necessary to raise the current level of excitability of the CNS above point 5 . Section 5-7 describes exactly the level of excitability, which is sufficient for the formation of new initiating adaptation processes. In turned, already he did not understand!

In other words, all the values ​​of CNS excitability above point 5 do not interest us, because break the first condition. The ideal value of the excitability of the nervous system (along the X axis) should be considered as the set located on the horizontal straight line between the points 32-34 . The ideal training time will be a vertical line crossing the “golden triangle” at points 30 and 31 .

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