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You want to have beautiful abs before going on vacation . You do activities but you can not have a palpable result. You are looking for an effective and easy program to do. Here are some tips that may help you.

How to build the abdominals?
It is quite possible to do an abs work without using specific equipment and this, staying at home. It is important to note that a single abdominal exercise is not enough, you have to vary it according to the different muscles .

To have beautiful chocolate bars, There are 3 main parts to solicit :

– The big right- The little oblique- The big oblique

Several programs can contribute to the strengthening of the muscles in these different parts but the most practiced are:

РThe crunch: the starting position bio x keto of the crunch is back lying on the floor . It varies after depending on the parts involved and the desired intensity. In general, it is the muscle of the right and the upper parts that work during the crunch.

– Sheathing or called board: sheathing is an excellent fitness exercise . It consists of holding a position (board) defined during a specified period. Sheathing is mostly working the deep muscles. It is more practical to do it after a sport or other exercise, when the muscles are already heated.

– Torsion: the torsion consists of strengthening the lateral muscles. The torsion exercise must be performed on both sides for good symmetry, for example, once on the right, once on the left.

Note that the different exercises that we propose can be practiced by both men and women. Doing a circuit made up of these three exercises can give you great results .

Sample circuit
– Classic Crunch: with the back extended, the arms behind the neck, back up 10 times if you are still beginner, 20 if you have an intermediate level and 30 if you are already used.

– Sheathing: put on the pump position, elbow on the ground. Be very stiff (position of the board) belly contracted without arching. Hold for 30 seconds and increase each time. You can also alternate palms and elbows on the floor.

– Recumbent pelvis twist: Lie on the floor, hands facing back holding a colleague’s feet. Raise your feet towards him so that he can catch them and throw them to the sides. Reassemble them again 10, 20 or 30 times depending on your level.

Between the different exercises, take a short break, drink water if necessary . For it to really work, you have to have a healthy lifestyle . Rest, have a good diet (especially protein), drink plenty of water and especially be patient and perseverant.

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