Surprising secrets for a flat abdomen

Many people even search for flat abdomens. And everything is because that part of the human body contributes a lot to how we look, our posture, even the beauty of a woman. It’s nice to have a good six-pack, but one of the biggest secrets of perfect abs is diet, something that people find hard to change.

The first time I looked for tips to have a flat stomach, what I liked the most was that it was not only about aesthetics, but about a total lifestyle change. That’s if you want to keep your six-pack for a long time, because if it’s only a period on the beach, I think it’s very superficial and we’re not going to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

Surprising secrets for a flat abdomen
Who does not know how to do an abdominal, but if you have no habit, can be painful, and this is when you give importance to some tricks so that it is not so painful and tedious to develop this part of the body. For example:

1.- It is not necessary that you train every day
Among the first secrets for a flat abdomen in a newbie is learning to correctly execute the exercises. z vital male enhancement You should limit abdominal training to basic movements. Do not put your hands on the nape of the neck, keep near or on the sides of the head or cross on the chest. The neck should be straight in line with the trunk.

And you do not even have to start doing crunches, if you do not have at least a little muscle development from that part of your body. Start by making a bridge, watch the video.

You can start supporting yourself on the knees. This is a good secret to develop your abs without much pain. You can also make the bridge in reverse. By just holding horizontal for a few minutes your abdominal muscles begin to strengthen, then make a common abdominal and current will be easier.

And you have to do it every day, but I recommend that you do a program, so that it is regular. If you do every day or you exceed, you will only get pains or injuries that will make you abandon the exercises and good form. 3-4 times a week and 10-20 minutes is more than enough, warming up before and combining with a bit of cardio.

2.- The exercises are not enough to show off a good six-pack
This is one of the curiosities that surprised me the most when I started doing sit-ups since after several months nothing happened in the mirror. I consulted with a trainer and he told me that he had three problems to solve:

– My excess fat
– I did not do cardio to burn fat
– I did not change my diet to accumulate less fat

Being aware of these tricks I got into action and guess, began to notice my abs and as the weeks went by they looked more beautiful, even my smile improved.

3.- Abdominals superiors and inferiors, it does not exist
Whenever the secrets for a flat abdomen are mentioned, the “upper and lower abdominals” are mentioned, but the truth is that the abdominal muscle is only one, anatomically there is no upper and lower abdominal muscle.

The issue is technical when choosing a type of exercise. There are adequate exercises to make the upper or lower part of the abdominal muscle work, but we will never be able to isolate the lower or upper abdominal, because they are not separate muscles, it is only one.

4.- Doing many abdominals does not mean that we will lower our tummy

3 Do many crunches
The question would be: How much fat do you have around the middle part of your body? If it is long or regular, the abdominals will not serve to make your average fat disappear. You have to do a lot of cardio, weights and, above all, change your diet.

Abdominal exercises are not enough for a thin waist. A routine of strengthening exercises do not achieve a slim waistline. To show marked abs, it is necessary to train all the major muscle groups, do cardio and follow a healthy diet.

5.- If you want stronger abdominals, strengthen your back
The abdominal area is not a single muscle. Usually we talk about the six-pack, which is the recto-abdominal, but in total there are 4:

– Abdominal rectus : Allows the ribs to approach the pelvis (simulating an accordion) and the pelvis towards the thorax.
– Obliques (internal and external) : They help the torso flexion, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine.
– Transverse : It contracts and tightens the abdominal wall and compresses the viscera.

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