The ideal raw egg for mass gain?

Eggs are an important source of protein for athletes . It is a complete food that will have multiple health benefits.

If you want to gain weight , there are no faster ways than eating eggs, and watch out for raw eggs .

The raw egg to accelerate its weight gain?
Eggs have a lot of potential . Their nutritional value far exceeds that of most other foods.

In addition to being a very good source of protein , eggs also have vitamin D in its natural form. They also contain a lot of B vitamins, iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 .

However, it should be noted that keto plus premier all these elements are reduced by half because of cooking. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, it is best to eat the egg when it is raw .

Quick mass gain: instructions for use
Raw eggs can be eaten for a long time. But the best time to consume it during the day is in the morning at breakfast . You can very well drink it every morning.

The recipe is simple : a 1/2 glass of milk, 2 raw eggs, 1 banana and 1 cs of peanut butter in a blender and the trick will be played. You accompany him with food light enough to avoid eating too many calories and you will have a diet worthy of a real sportsman.

If you are a beginner , this recipe will help you adapt your taste buds to the taste of the raw egg. The banana will bring you a good dose of carbohydrate and mask at the same time, slightly, the consistency of the egg white.

What are the benefits of raw eggs?
Raw eggs have incredible health benefits. They help eliminate toxins produced by the body and therefore fat also at the same time.

White, despite its viscosity, is the favorite part of athletes. Indeed, albumin is excellent for muscle fibers. In addition, it contains no fat or cholesterol and is also very low in calories, only 52 kcal.

Egg yolks are much richer in nutrients. Zinc, choline, lutein, omega-3, vitamin D globally make up the yolk .

White and yellow complement each other to be beneficial to the muscles .

Is there a danger in consuming a raw egg?
Cooking gives the egg many benefits too. The raw egg is indigestible and cooking helps it to be better for the body.

Also, according to a scientific study, one in 10,000 eggs, or 4.5 million eggs per year, is contaminated with Salmonella enteridis . Consumption of this infected, raw egg can cause nausea, diarrhea and even kidney disease. Nearly 500 people die each year from a complication due to this bacteria.

If you follow a diet based on raw eggs , you will have to pay close attention to egg hygiene.

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