The Live Eating program to lose weight?

Looking for a new, unprecedented and reliable method to finally get rid of your extra pounds? First, one must understand one thing: a restrictive diet is necessarily bad because it exposes you to possible deficiencies but most importantly, it ensures the infamous “yoyo effect”.

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The Live Eating program will allow you to tackle your slimming quest in a new light.

What is the Live Eating program and how to lose weight with it?
This program is based on several observations. The first is the most obvious: frustration and deprivation are not good solutions . In the short term, you will surely see your weight decrease, of course, but you will not necessarily lose fat but water, muscle and minerals .

Your body is in pain and will automatically reflex to store the least calorie in anticipation of future deprivations. In the end, as soon as you stop your diet, you take back your pounds and often, a few more pounds. The second observation: to lose weight and stay slim, you have to relearn how to listen to your body. In other words, the Live Eating program allows all foods if you eat them smartly.

Do not deprive yourself of your favorite pizza but reduce your portion and eat less often. The following meals, compensate with light dishes. In short, balance your diet over a week and not a meal!

Then, even if it suits us to eat at fixed times, our body is not necessarily hungry at imposed hours. So do not force yourself. Listen to your body to better adapt your diet is the second key to success!

The Golden Rules of the Live Eating Program
Instead of getting lost in a lot of information, here’s a quick summary of what you should keep in mind when trying to follow this program:

Choose quality products
Eat only if you are hungry!
You can nibble if you choose healthy foods
You can indulge yourself with caloric dishes, but occasionally
Remember to adapt your diet according to your level of physical activity (office, hiking, holidays, sports competition …)
If you do not have an appetite, do not force yourself!
Can I have an example of a typical day?
This is how your day can be articulated.

A little mashed almond
A compote
Unsalted and unroasted oleaginous crops
An aubergine crumble
A salad made with a drizzle of walnut oil
Fried eggs
A smoothie
Endive salad
The remains of aubergine crumble
A soup
You can keep fruit at hand for snacks during the day.

With this program, the goal is actually simple : eat everything but balanced! Without frustration but with plenty of energy, you will lose weight sustainably while boosting your sports performance!

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