The reduction of the legs in the simulator. We study all the subtleties and secrets.

The reduction of the legs in the simulator. What, why and why?
I don’t know if the guys in the gym noticed, but the girls (as well as theirs / us) have their favorite exercises and rocking machines that are closest to them and, so to speak, like. One of these machines is a simulator for the information (dilution) of the legs, designed to work out the inner / outer side of the thigh. This foot zone is a problem for many women (oops, there were girls, and women have already become, and this is just two lines of scribbling :)) , and therefore, at every convenient opportunity, the fair sex will stick to the corresponding simulator. Right or wrong, we will try to understand further.


For a better mastery of the material, all further narration will be divided into sub-chapters.

Anatomical atlas

The main reason for sticking ladies at the simulator for the information of the legs is that it is designed to tighten the adductors (the area between the legs) , make them more elastic, tough and, as a result, save the woman from various “kissels” in this area. In other words, the inner surface of the thighs (adductors) is an aesthetically important zone of the legs for women, and also for men it is not indifferent to them, and they want to see it in their chosen ones tightened and not hanging.

The anatomical atlas of the muscles involved in the movement is the following picture.

The reduction of the legs in the simulator, the muscles in the work
The driving machine (the so-called simulator for the leg muscles) is primarily aimed at strengthening the RDX Surge three leading muscles – short, long and large leading. Thin, crest and tailor muscles are also activated (the latter goes along the entire length of the thigh) , the muscles of the ilio-tibial tract are tightened.

In general, it should be said that adductor muscles are one of the most relatively large and extended leg muscles – this is a whole complex of muscles deep in the inner thigh and groin. They are hard to grope, because they are “buried” alive under other muscles, for example, the quadriceps. However, you can be sure that you use these muscles when climbing stairs, climbing uphill and rising.

Since the adductor muscles are practically not involved in everyday life, they are very weak and therefore special attention should be paid to their training.

Benefits from leg information

Performing the reduction of the legs in the simulator, you have the right to count on:

strengthening the muscles of the inner thigh;
lifting (lifting) of adductor muscle adductors;
a better form of “sandal skin” (smooth / smooth lines of the inner part of the thighs) ;
stronger bed hugs in bed when the partner’s hips girth;
increase of the basic stability (balance) during the movement;
improved gait and posture;
reduction of injuries associated with weakness of the thigh muscles.
Performance technique

This is one of the most uncomplicated exercises in which it is almost impossible to make a mistake. The adduction itself means moving a part of the body (in this case, the legs) towards the center of the body. When you sit on the simulator, the movement is to overcome the resistance at the convergence of the hips, initially separated from each other.

The simulator itself is as follows and takes place in the halls, starting with the “medium hand”.

leg simulator
Step by step execution technique looks like this.

Step number 0.

Go to the simulator and set the desired weight of the burden. Then adjust the width of the saddle so that you feel a slight stretching of the adductor muscles when the hips are on the soft pads (side pads) . Keep your back straight and tight against the back of the machine. With your hands, grab the handrail below, and bend your legs at the knee to a corner of 90 degrees or slightly more. Open your legs, spreading them to the level of the set width of the simulator. This is the starting position.

Step number 1.

Inhale, as you exhale, control your hips. Keep your legs straight, keeping your knees above your feet. At the end point of the trajectory as much as possible pull the hips to each other and linger on 1-2 accounts.

Step number 2.

Slowly inhale, start spreading the rollers and stop them in a position that is slightly “not given” before the SP, in order to maintain the tension in the muscle being trained. Repeat the specified number of times.

In the picture version, this whole mess looks like this.

technique of performing leg information in the simulator
Practical advice

To get the most out of the exercise, follow the tips below:

do not flop weight, returning it to the PI;
slowly spread your legs slightly, not bringing them to the starting position;
stretch the adductors between approaches, for example, using the Lotus posture while sitting and pressing your hands on your knees;
during the run do not move the body and do not slide the buttocks along the simulator seat;
use the exercise as an auxiliary (finishing) when training the muscle adductors and put it at the end of the training after the main volume is completed;
if you feel that in the last approach you can no longer perform the exercise in full amplitude, use a quick series of shortened repetitions.
Go ahead and now talk about …

Lowering the legs in the simulator: is it effective for burning fat inside the thighs?

If you ask the “stuck” on the simulator to reduce the legs of the girls: what do you want to achieve with the help of the driving machine, then most of them will answer – I want the inside of the thighs to lose weight. However, it should be understood that this will never happen, because The simulator is designed to strengthen the adductor muscles, and not to burn fat – these are two different types of tissue, and strengthening the muscles does not lead to a decrease in the fat covering them. Even if you burn calories during an exercise, you cannot reduce fat in a specific (single) area.

Conclusion: the leg simulator is not designed for slimming the hips, and it is not able to make them slim.

Putting the legs in the simulator: is it worth it to bother?

flattening the legs in the simulator effective exercise
Often in the choice of a simulator for training a specific muscle, people are guided by its design and narrowness. For example, if the simulator is used to flatten the legs, then it must pump the corresponding area, the inner surface of the thigh. For the most part, it is. The isolation machine is aimed at working out only one muscle group.

However, with regard to the leading simulator, despite his love for the young ladies, he does not allow to achieve the ultimate goals, in particular – to reduce the hips (and as a result of the slimness of the legs) in women and the weight gain in men (if they have a thin thigh) .

And the thing is that in fact the target region (inner / outer thigh) works in coordination with the rest of the body. In addition, the movement in this simulator is not functional (unnatural for the organism) , i.e. it is not used anywhere outside the hall. Progress in weight is fast enough, but the more it is, the more it strains the spine. The kneecap will also not thank you for the ever-increasing load.

Thus, it turns out that no matter how you use the simulator for leg reduction, it is more likely that it will not change your composite composition of the legs, for these purposes it is a useless tool. And the whole thing here is in the biomechanics of motion. The construction of the simulator itself is sedentary, so the thigh muscles in this position do not work. It often happens that people come to the hall after a sedentary working day (for example, an office employee) in order to disperse the blood and bring muscles into a tone. And, oddly enough, they choose themselves (or on the advice of a coach)for training muscles sedentary simulator. This is not true. It is necessary to choose exercises in which it is necessary to keep balance and which use free weights and walking / standing with weights. In particular, the reduction of legs can be replaced by cross-lunges or leg abduction on the block – they allow to achieve much better “tuning” of the legs.


This should not be taken as a complete failure of the driving simulator to work out the corresponding muscles, no. It can be used as an auxiliary exercise for the main (or rehabilitation in case of injury) and included at the end of the workout, but working only with it will not make any progress in improving the shape of your legs, remember this and do not sink to the simulator as exceptional for training your internal muscles thigh surface.

I think a reasonable question has arisen: why do they install similar, medium-low efficiency simulators in the halls? The answer is that if they didn’t exist, fitness centers would discard most of the female clientele from their visits. Coupled with the fact that women are afraid of free weights and become too big and muscular, it is easier for them to choose light load by themselves.

Therefore, ladies – in improving the shape of the inner thighs, use the leading simulator wisely and do not dwell only on it.

Actually, I have everything that I wanted – I reported, now let’s summarize.

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