These muscles are not only work

To gain muscle mass you have to work, but this man did more than just work, he had to overcome the physical disability with which he was born.

Usually people have many excuses to go to the gym , they hate the idea of ​​making an effort, but they ignore the welfare they are putting off for their life.

Going to the gym is a great commitment to your physical and emotional health, muscles need work not only to perform better, but also to make our health better. Those who go to the gym to gain muscle mass have to overcome many challenges, pains and a lot of work, but in the end it is worth it, because it achieves a quality of life very different from that of most people.

Going to the gym is a big commitment
But most have excuses, those excuses are more powerful than the possibility of loving their own body , their own life. If looking for quality of life does not motivate you, maybe after watching this video, change your mind, because really our muscles are not made for sedentary life, but for work.

This athlete is called Luke Ericson , was born without the left arm, but this disability put him in view a great challenge to overcome. He is able to do any activity that a normal person can do, but where he stands out is for his extraordinary strength worked in a gym.

This athlete is called Luke Ericson
For him it is very clear that the muscles need work, and he has dedicated himself to perfecting his routines of plates, dominated, lifting weights and other routines that require strength, dexterity and balance.

For he is very clear
Look at it well, how much could you do exercises with that disability? But in addition, Luke has malformation of the left shoulder and his lung on that side is also limited. He also has type 1 diabetes.

Look good,
Despite these adversities he has dedicated himself to working his muscles to gain strength, coordination snap hero testo and muscle mass. When he is in the gym he undergoes a very hard training, which has earned him the recognition of many people. It is an advertising image of several brands of supplements and participates in events to motivate people to seek a healthier life.

Despite these adversities
Ericson’s message applies to all people and everyday life: Do not let fear and limitations govern what you are trying to achieve in life . Because out there there are a lot of people feeding their excuses, without realizing that they sabotage their progress in life.

Ericson’s message
Man, woman, it does not matter where you are , if your parents abandoned you, if they are bad or they did not give you what you need. What matters is how you REACT before all that. If you are complaining you are opening the way to poverty, if it is with action to be forging your own destiny. Put those muscles to work and everything will change.

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