Training with powerbags

The power bag, or powerbag, is a bag that can be of different sizes and weights, and is also provided with handles to increase the variety it can be used. It has a durable outer surface and soft inside. Usually the inside is sand sandwiched in different materials, giving the weight of the bag. There are also such bags filled with weight liquids.

This fitness tool brings in addition to dumbbells and weightlifting the development of balance and the improvement of stabilization skills . Because the filling is not fixed, it moves inside the bag from one side to the other, the body must alpha titan testo balance constantly, causing the muscles to contract sharply. So there are also small, stabilizing muscles that are often neglected in classical exercise in the gym. The best part is that by involving these muscles stabilizers strengthen the spine and aritculations, avoiding injuries.

Below are 4 exercises made with power bags that will take your training to the next level, bringing variety and new moves.

1. Genuflexes with bounce
An exercise that focuses on the legs. Helps develop their power and increase abdominal strength.

Execution : Put the powerbag on your back, and hold it. Leave yourself in a deep bow, and then get up explosively by breaking the soles of the ground. Land on the peaks then put the heels on the ground and let it go directly into another deep groove of jumping again. Repeat to reach the desired number of reps. Do 20 such squats at each set. Make 3 sets with a 60 second break between them.

2. Shot
This exercise imitates the snare made with the dumbbell , but it’s a little easier to do with a bag of force.

Execution : You start in a position of generosity. Hold your handbag in front of you at the tibia level. Stand up and pull the bag to the chest; after it reaches the chest level, without stopping the movement directly above its head, in an explosive and continuous motion. Maintain one second of the bag over your head and take it lightly to the starting position, then repeat. Make 3 sets of 10 reps with 60 seconds break between sets.

3. Fanders with the power bag in the back
An exercise for the legs and the median area.

Execution : Stand up and put the bag on the shoulders, holding the handle. Do it in front of you. Do the fanders alternating their legs and walking. Do 20 steps (10 feet each). 3 sets with 60 seconds pause.

4. Russian shouts with a force bag
An exercise that will fire your abdominal area. Especially skewed muscles will work intensely to perform this exercise.

Execution : Hold your bottom and hold your sack to the chest. Grab the sack and rotate your trunk from one side to the other and move the bag. The easiest option is to keep your feet on the ground and the harder option is to keep them in the air. Rotate 30 seconds, this is a set. Make 3 sets with 60 seconds pause.

Powerbags are great tools to diversify your workouts and add functionality. Use bags of a weight appropriate to your level of physical training. The exercises above are just a few examples. Much can be done, the power bags being very versatile.

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